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Research On National Cultural Changes Under The Background Of Modern Tourism

Posted on:2016-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the development process of a nation,cultural change is permanently engraved on its trajectory.Along with the rapid development of the global economy,people have the material conditions and spiritual needs of "going out",thus,tourism industry becomes the effective channels of driving local economy forward.Under the background,the local governments not only highly value and greatly support the development of tourism,but also highlight the development of culture construction of tourist destinations and pay attention to the permeation of cultural influence.China has many nationalities and large territory.There are problems including the limited regional economic development due to geographical position and backward infrastructure in most of the ethnic minority areas,at the same time,the conditions make the minority ethnic regional culture and beautiful scenery be well protected,thereby,these factors become the advantage resources of developing tourism and also make these areas and the local governments take tourism as one of main means of economic development program so as to achieve rapid economic growth and widely increase people's living standards.When tourism is vigorously developed,local economic level has been significantly improved and people's material needs are satisfied;at the same time,in terms of spiritual culture,tourism destinations culture inevitably is under the influence of foreign culture,promoting the social culture changes of tourism destination to a large extent.However,it should be stressed that whether tourism is developed or not,the culture of any nation is always experiencing development and change from beginning to end and is always in dynamic movement.So-called cultural change doesn't mean to be at the expense of the loss of the form and connotation of traditional culture,but aims to adapt to the changing external environment.The traditional culture also need constant updating,integration and change,thus,it can be continue to be spread and also be endowed with more tenacious vitality and more distinct inheritance influence.For example,in ethnic minority areas,in the process of continuous opening and development of tourism industry,with the contact and communication with tourists,local people's ethnic culture consciousness is awakened;at the same time,economic benefits are promoted,so the "potential" of national culture is greatly promoted;these changes are quite beneficial for enhancing the national culture protection consciousness of citizens.In the process of research of the thesis,through the study of relevant literature,Zhaoxing Dong Village,Liping,Guizhou is set as the research object;according to the local characteristics and the related features of national culture,through referring the relevant research results of the experts and scholars at home and abroad,the research ideas and research framework of the thesis are established;the development driving force and development trajectory of the national culture of the research object under the background of the rapid development of tourism are analyzed.On the basis of the previous studies,the thesis combines the analysis results and the interview data,and then gives the research conclusions and relevant policy recommendations.It is concluded that the development of ethnic tourism has had positive impacts on ethnic cultural adaptability to externality and internality.Therefore,for the corresponding protection measures,the dominant position of local residents in national culture protection can be set up;guiding countermeasures such as leading the national culture adaptation change can be adopted so as to achieve the purpose of the protection of minority culture of tourism destinations.
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