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Study On America "Asia Pacific Rebalancing" Strategy And The Countermeatures Of China

Posted on:2015-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China and the U.S. is a world power, is a regional power, the role of both in today’s world pattern are important. One is rising in the country, a Conservative is a big country, the current situation is that the U.S. economy continues to decline, internal and external, and China stood in the background of the global economic downturn. The face of the world’s political and economic center of gravity to shift the rise of Asia and emerging countries in Asia Pacific, in June3,2012closing of the Shangri-La Dialogue conference, U.S. Secretary of Defense Panetta proposed U.S." Pacific rebalancing " strategy, the United States hoping the East China Sea crisis, the South China Sea crisis, the crisis on the Korean Peninsula and a series of crises that Asia will gradually shift its strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region.United States’Asia-Pacific rebalancing " proposed strategy, both to solve the plight of the domestic economy, on the other hand also to balance U.S. power in the global deployment." Asia-Pacific rebalancing " after the strategy that the United States has taken a series of actions to enhance its influence in the Asia-Pacific region. Politically, the United States has increased its investment in the Asia-Pacific Foreign Affairs; in the economy, the United States sought to grasp through the Asia-Pacific Economic TPP initiative; in the military has increased the deployment of military personnel and equipment. Through its entire "re-balancing" process is not difficult to see that the United States," Asia-Pacific rebalancing" strategy is simply a continuation of hegemony and pragmatism only, it is the pursuit of the big countries in the Asia Pacific region as the focal point of balance, both hardware and software on the means, hope more strategic interests in Asia Pacific. United States "Asia-Pacific rebalancing" proposed strategy, both to China will bring opportunities and challenges. The opportunities side, the United States’Asia-Pacific rebalancing" proposed strategy also highlighted the importance of China, is also a good time to expand China’s economic advantages, but also for China," West " to provide opportunity. From the challenge, the United States’Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy" proposed to increase the military pressure on the Chinese periphery, the security environment surrounding complicate influence in the Asia-Pacific are also affected.For the United States,"Asia-Pacific rebalancing" strategy of the adverse situation, China should make the necessary counter measures. First, China should take advantage of the Asia-Pacific economic and security pattern "dual dependency" gradually " make a difference ", the right to speak and to enhance China’s dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, on the other hand to build new China-US relations among major powers. China should unswervingly pursue good-neighborly foreign policy, and good relations with neighboring countries, and create a harmonious and stable surrounding environment.Overall, the two countries in the region to live in harmony, for a total interest required, it must be kept in mind:"and the benefits both the Liangbai." US actively explore build mutual respect, cooperation and win-win of the new relations between big power, this is in line with the common interests of both countries and the world wise move, as will also become a pioneering history of international relations.
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