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Practice Research On Police Force Sinking In Foshan A Police Station

Posted on:2018-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330566995471Subject:Public Management
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Since the program of economic reforms(Reform and Opening up)has started,the development of reform of the state government has been progressed under four stages.Although departments of People's Public Security have undergone many reforms,up to now,there are many practical problems in public security organs widespread,such as institutional settings are unscientific and police forces are inadequate.At the 20 th National Conference of Public Security(2003),Minister of Public Security formally proposed that focus of public security work should be gradually shifted downward and police forces should go down to grassroots,and he requested to guarantee synchronized and simultaneous down-to-grassroots movement.Since then,grassroots movement of police forces has quickly become the main direction of police forces' configuration of China's Public Security departments.At the end of year 2005,the Ministry of Public Security formally issued the Opinions of Standardization on Strengthening the Regularization in Grassroots Units of Public Security Organs(Official Publicity(2006)No.4)specifying that in recent years the focus of institutional reforms to be carried out by China's public security organs has been set as Three Bases Construction,which means Working Hard to Acquire Excellent Basic Skills,At Grass-roots level,to Lay Strong Foundation.It is to gradually explore effective bottom-up construction mechanisms of Focus Downward,Grassroots Police Force and Bottom Guarantee which enable strength enhancement at fundamental level,stimulation of vitality of police forces,and improvement of combat effectiveness of grassroots police forces,to fulfill fundamental police forces.This paper starts firstly from the concept of Grassroots Police Forces analyzing its role and significance in current policing reforms in public security organs;secondly,by introducing the Grassroots Police Forces practices of reforms in Foshan police station A,through literature synthesis method,survey research and statistical analysis to collect extensively specific practices and current situation of police station A since 2012 till 2017 from the perspective of grassroots police combined with theoretical knowledge of public administration and public policy analysis,to analyze three main issues Station A are facing: first,the workloads increase faster than the speed that police forces go grassroots;second,the serious shortages of training in new skills cause that upgraded devices have not been fully utilized,and working efficiency of police teams isn't high enough;third,the personnel workloads are distributed in imbalance leading uneven allocation of busy leisure time;what are points of key,difficult and focus at work are raised up;at last the following six suggestions are proposed: first,to establish law enforcement authority of public security;second,to guide the masses to use properly police forces;third,to strengthen preventive crime measures;fourth,to cultivate scientifically-and-technologically strong police;fifth,to accelerate the expansion of grassroots police forces;sixth,to reasonably arrange police forces.
Keywords/Search Tags:police resources redistribution, police station, Foshan
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