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A Study On The Selection And Construction Of Track And Field Teaching Content In The Primary School Physical Education Curriculum

Posted on:2019-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330545951045Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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The development of track and field events is particularly important in primary school physical education courses.It is one of the important courses in developing students' physical strength such as strength,speed,flexibility,coordination,and endurance.The choice of track and field teaching content as the direction of teaching implementation has certain scientific,timeliness,pertinence and comprehensiveness.This paper analyzes the teaching contents of the teaching documents of six elementary schools in Jinjiang District by using the methods of literature materials,expert interviews,questionnaires,mathematical statistics,and comparative analysis,and points out the shortcomings in the current selection of track and field teaching contents.The countermeasures provide reference and reference for the selection and implementation of the teaching content of primary school physical education curriculum in China,which lays a certain theoretical foundation for the overall improvement of students' physical fitness.In this study,the following conclusions are drawn:1.In many physical education courses for elementary schools,the track and field hours for elementary schools are relatively small.As a major sports course,the track and field events should be arranged at more than 30% of the total courses.2.Designing teaching content and syllabus with the sensitive period as the main line is more scientific,and students in the primary school stage should vigorously develop pliability,coordination,balance,sensitivity,speed,and appropriate development of strength and endurance quality,usually based on general basic qualities.3.It is feasible to increase the track and field of children's interest in the track and field teaching content,meet the rules of physical and mental development of primary school students,and meet the content characteristics of primary school students during the sensitive period of development.4.In the course of track and field teaching,teaching and training should be combined to increase the intensity and quantity of physical training to improve students' physical quality in an all-round way,especially to increase the training of agility,balance and speed.
Keywords/Search Tags:track and field teaching, children's fun track and field, physical training, physical education curriculum
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