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Survey On Teaching Reform Of Track And Field Course Physical Education Specialty In University From Concept Of Athletics And Bodybuilding

Posted on:2006-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Physical education specially in University is" cradle" of the physical education teacher that develops the school, at the same time again is develop the social physical education of" machine tool" of the organizer and instructor, carry the talented person's important mission of the development exportation physical education, therefore, this kind of talented person's product of output's can adapt the foundation education within reform and social needs, is examine the high school of physical educate unique standard of the professional teaching. The Track-and-Field course is one of nine main and dry courses of the physical education specially in University, is an educational and main contents of common and high school and the P.E of the high schools again, and also is people's the exercise body and strengthen the physical endowment of important means, it produces the deviation with the physical teaching actual and social need of the high school to have something to do with it position now. The curricular contents and the system reforms of to make the Track-and-Field course make the progress of the breakthrough, must relieve the thought, break the traditional thinking mode, know its two heavies completely, then the attributes of athletics, and the attributes of body--building (workout).The change of the foundation education" P.E and health" course name and content, to the Track-and-Field course in with implement" health the first"," education for all-round development" for target of new course system, face the urgent reform request. At the same time," cleaner", " more human nature"," even solidify", Olympic new principle and Pickings of " science and technology Olympics"," the humanities Olympics"," green Olympics" that Olympic game put forward in 2008 also will give us P.E and Olympic spirits that puts forward the school hand over to melt, the coordination, course of the workout and tournament reforms to constuct a series of problem of etc. with course. The textual text part adds up to seven sections, can is divided into the three greatest parts, the first part (section 1) is mainly background comment that elaborates the current P.E education profession, common and high school, the junior high school P.E course reform, the second part (2,3,4 and 5 section) is educates the professional and part of common and high school, the junior high school P.E course to carry on to inter borough P.E in Inner Mongolia on the foundation of the overall understanding P.E of inquisition argument, THREE-part cent(6 and 7 section) is textual conclusion and suggestion. This text passes the research to the our country the Ministry of Education promulgates lately in June 2003 of << the national and common university and college P.E the education the professional course project of undergraduate course >>the medium development target and the course constitution, goingup to re-know from the function and functions of the P.E should curricular target, set up to the former track and field course with integration. According to the new course put forward must to" the track and field " with" P.E"," P.E" with" the track and field course"," the track and field course" and" the track and field category course" of concept and function give the distinction, want to definition clearly the attributes of athletics, and the attributes of body--building (workout). Dissimilarity of position and function, the purpose of the P.E and mission that follow the school, work well two kinds of attributes in the P.E lesson teaching of" adjust" the work, educate the overall understanding P.E of professional student for the P.E teacher of the high school and the P.E of the high school, promote the P.E teaching opened the exhibition and the implement" the health first"course principle to provide the theories smoothly according to and draw lessons from the meaning. This text makes use of the methods, such as questionnaire and interview...etc., educating the professional track and field to take course, common and high school and the present condition of the P.E teaching of the high schools to carry on the inquisition to the P.E of inter borough and high school in Inner Mongolia at present, analysis, get a my area P.E of the high school to educate the professional talented person fosters the target of the conclusion that the enactment and courses constitution not only needs toconsider this course construction demand, but also wants to satisfy the demand of that professional target market, the target fixed position of the P.E teaching of the high school should surround the student's mind and body at the same time health, the conclusion that the P.E knowledge technical ability acquires and thoughts the moral qualities development but carries on. The writer trial makes use of the P.E that science blends with the humanities to reform the new thought, in elaborating the P.E course reform foundation concerning spirit of the foundation education P.E course reform and common and high school, the P.E that discussed the high school educates the reform of the professional track and field teaching lesson, can't be is another by an extreme alignment extreme, must comprehend the P.E two kinds of to two attributes, in the function and the meaning in the P.E lesson that the P.E educate the professional track and field course and high school completely; The development direction of the P.E course of the school that is from the future goes up to re-construct the Track-and-Field Teaching the frame of the course, to take to settle and perfect and high school of the development target and the teaching mission that P.E educates the professional track and field course, the establishment of the content of course wants to went with the P.E teaching of the high school should, promote the diverse teaching method, the method of the teaching wants outstanding" the teacher normal", in the fulfillment to notice heavy at the fulfillment abilityand creative ability that develop the student, raise the consciousness that future occupation of student specialize, in keeping the farmland path course technical ability the foundation of the study the workout that enhance the P.E teaches person's function, value the fulfillment of the course and application value, do exercise to keep fit to the farmland path the realm gives the reform and expands, setting up the P.E that humanities and science blend new way, make high school of P.E educate the professional track and field course real acquire the new vitality.
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