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The Mediating Effect Of College Students' Physical Exercise Behavior Between Exercise Self-determination And Subjective Well-being

Posted on:2019-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the guidance of the national fitness program in China,the exercise has been as an important strategy in our country is on the agenda,with the development of the "sunshine sports" activities on campus,the involvement of college students' physical exercise also gradually attention by people.College students is cultivating advanced intellectuals in our country,the stand or fall of college students' physical health is not only related to the growth and development of the individual is more related to the long-term development of education cause in our country and the construction of the great "China dream".Scientific research shows that in recent years,however,the physical quality of college students gradually presents the decline tendency,the physical condition of college students is not optimistic has always been an indisputable fact,therefore,how to promote college students' initiative and consciously participate in physical exercise,how to effectively by increasing physical exercise behavior of contemporary college students' physical quality is particularly important.To decide how much individual in behavior motivation theory is the independent and spontaneous decision,emphasizes the individual's subjective initiative,the reasonable use of self-determination motivation of the physical exercise behavior of college students active intervention has important significance.Based on this,this study selected the positive psychology is an important measure-subjective well-being as the dependent variable,using the literature material law,questionnaire survey,mathematical statistics and logic analysis and other research methods,using room core(2012)compiled by the fitness of the adolescent autonomy behavior scale exercise self-determination sense of scale,Liang Deqing preparation physical exercise activities of the rating scale and foreign scholars Diener.Preparation of subjective well-being scale as the main measuring tool,in the range from 1200 college students of ten universities in shandong province as the research subjects of effective,and by using SPSS 17.0 and AMOS 7.0 software for data analysis and statistics,aims to understand the status of the college students at present physical exercise,analysis of college students' physical exercise self-determination sense,physical exercise behavior and subjective well-being in demographic differences existed in the study of college students' sports exercise self decision,and the relations between and among physical exercise behavior andsubjective well-being,and inspection of physical exercise behavior in sports exercise self-determination sense and its various dimensions and subjective well-being and its various dimensions whether there is a mediation effect,explore the physical exercise and exercise exercise self-determination sense of subjective well-being of students,effect mechanism,so as to exercise intervention in college students' subjective well-being of theory and practice to provide the reference.Research findings:1.At present most of the college students to participate in physical exercise intensity are mainly concentrated in the movement of a slight movement and little strength is not very nervous,exercise time basic on 21 to 30 minutes between,number of physical exercise on mainly concentrated in 1 to 2 times per week,the situation of the college students' exercise mainly small amount of exercise.Therefore,the participation of college students in physical exercise is not optimistic at present.2.The self-determination of college students' physical exercise and their dimensions are influenced by gender,grade and source,and are not subject to professional influence.The behavior of college students' physical activity is influenced by gender,origin and grade,and is not influenced by the professional.The overall life satisfaction of college students was influenced by their major,gender and grade.The frequency of positive emotion is affected by the source and grade,and is not influenced by the major or gender;The negative emotion frequency is affected by the grade,not subject to the major,gender,and source.3.College students' self-determination,physical exercise behavior and subjective well-being were significantly correlated.The total score and its dimensions were significantly correlated with physical exercise behavior.The correlation between physical exercise behavior and subjective happiness and negative emotion frequency,positive emotion frequency and overall life satisfaction was significant.The total score of the sense of self-determination of physical exercise and its correlation with subjective well-being and its dimensions were significant.The relationship between self-determination,physical activity and subjective well-being of college students is closely related.4.College students' physical exercise self-determination sense,physical exercise behavior have a significant positive prediction on subjective well-being,physical exercise behavior in physical exercise self-determination sense influence on subjective well-being partial intermediary role.The sense of self-determination of physical exercise can directly promote the subjective well-being of college students,and also promote their subjective well-being by encouraging college students to take part in physical exercise activities.5.The four dimensions of competence,internal integration,belonging and identity and body confidence have a significant predictive effect on subjective well-being.The behavior of physical exercise has some mediating effect on the subjective well-being of the four dimensions of competence,internal integration,belonging and identity,and body confidence.Competence,internal integration,belonging and identity,body confidence can directly enhance the subjective well-being of college students,and can also improve their subjective well-being through physical exercise.Through the research results,it is suggested that schools and teachers should strengthen the self-determination motivation of college students' physical exercise and strengthen the behaviors of students' self-determination.At the same time,college students should take an active part in physical exercise behavior,develop their correct sports values,to establish the idea of lifelong sports consciousness,independent,spontaneous exercise behavior and transformed into highly automated behavior,in order to raise their subjective well-being.
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