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Research On The Homework System Of Junior High School Chinese Textbooks Based On "Lide Shuren"

Posted on:2019-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The report at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out:"adhere to education to serve the socialist modernization drive,to serve the people,and to make it the fundamental task of education.Cultivate moral,intellectual,physical,American,labor and all-round development of socialist builders and successors."The people of Li de Shu were defined as the fundamental task of education.As a main discipline,Chinese has the characteristics of humanism and instrumentality.Its humanism determines the discipline superiority of Chinese in moral education.Chinese teaching materials are generally constructed by four systems of selecting text,knowledge,reading aid and homework.Based on the idea of "Li de Shu Ren",the author takes the first book system of the seventh grade of Chinese textbooks compiled by the Ministry as the object.The study of the teaching materials of how the work system is to reflect the birth of a man.According to the intention of the textbook editor,the new textbook,according to the basic idea of "overall planning,organic integration,natural infiltration",adopts the combination of centralized arrangement and dispersive infiltration,and takes the text selection of teaching materials as the main carrier.Supplemented by carefully designed Chinese practice activities,"Building Socialist Core values","inheriting and carrying forward excellent traditional Culture,"insisting on Revolutionary traditional Education " Emphasizing the national sovereignty and ocean consciousness,the education of the consciousness of rule of law,etc.,to embody the idea of "Li de Shu Ren",so that the students can be influenced by the influence in the process of learning language and writing.Gradually set up correct ideology and noble moral sentiment,finally make socialist core values internalize into spiritual pursuit,externalization into conscious behavior.In general,the operational system,in conjunction with the selection system,has fully implemented the concept of "Li de Shu Ren".Exercise design attaches importance to accumulation,pays attention to the combination of virtue and wisdom and beauty,so as to achieve natural penetration,but there is also a lack of necessary guidance for accumulation and insufficient interpretation of the classic.Uneven distribution and other problems.On the merits and demerits of On the basis of the analysis,the author combines the advantages of front-line teaching,adopts the research method of interview and combining theory with practice,and explores the teaching strategy which can fill in the deficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Li de Shuren, Chinese teaching materials, operating system, seventh grade first book
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