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Shandong Province Undertakes Research On The Impact Of Service Outsourcing Industry On Employment

Posted on:2020-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330575951103Subject:Full-time Master of International Business
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Nowadays,with the deepening development of economic globalization,the reform and opening-up has entered a critical period.Innovation and competition has continued to develop,and the speed of industrial restructuring has accelerated.With the transfer of service industry,service outsourcing industry has developed vigorously,and has become one of the most potential directions of service industry.Service outsourcing has many advantages over other industries,such as low energy consumption,high added value,high return on investment,strong absorptive capacity of labor force,etc.Most developing countries vigorously develop service outsourcing business to alleviate employment pressure and improve social living standards.Of course,China has also keep pace with others in this aspect.Shandong Province,as a province with large population and thriving economy in China,has unique location advantages and solid economic foundation.Faced with this opportunity,it actively integrates into the tide and undertakes this business,so as to alleviate employment pressure and promote economic growth.This paper,based on the case of Shandong Province,combines theoretical analysis with empirical analysis to study the impact of undertaking service outsourcing on employment,and then puts forward corresponding suggestions to promote the improvement of employment,wage and labor productivity in Shandong Province.This paper,mainly studying the impact of undertaking service outsourcing on employment in Shandong Province,is divided into five chapters.The first chapter mainly studies the background and the research status of service outsourcing both at home and abroad,research ideas,research methods,as well as the innovation and shortcomings of this paper.The second chapter mainly introduces the development status and employment status of service outsourcing industry in Shandong Province.The development status of service outsourcing industry includes three aspects:the scale,the types and the enterprises in service outsourcing.The employment status includes four aspects:employment quantity,employment proportion of tertiary industries,labor productivity and wage level.The third chapter mainly studies the theoretical basis and transmission mechanism of the impact of service outsourcing on employment in Shandong Province.The transmission mechanism includes employment transmission effect,labor productivity enhancement effect and wage growth effect.The fourth chapter introduces the empirical analysis of the impacts of service outsourcing on employment in Shandong Province.This paper uses Cobb Douglas production function to establish the labor demand equation,and uses the time series data of Shandong Province from 2002 to 2016 to make an empirical analysis.The results show that the service outsourcing industry in Shandong Province can indeed promote employment,improve labor productivity and wage level.The fifth chapter mainly puts forward policies and suggestions about the current situation of the employment impact on undertaking service outsourcing in Shandong Province.The main suggestions are as follows.First,it should focus on the simultaneous development of offshore and onshore service outsourcing.Secondly,it should cultivate high-end talents needed for the introduction of service outsourcing.Thirdly,it should establish and improve the legal system.Fourthly,the government adopts related policies to support the development of service outsourcing enterprises.Fifthly,it should strengthen the construction of Service Outsourcing Industrial Area.From the aspects of effective policies,the talent introduction,legal system,offshore and onshore service outsourcing and so on,it aims to promote the development of service outsourcing,alleviate employment pressure in Shandong Province,as well as promote its economic growth and the improvement of people's living standards.
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