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Research On The Teaching Method Of High-level Chinese Language Recitation

Posted on:2020-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a tool to record Chinese historical civilization,Classical Chinese remains the mother of Modern Chinese.However,it's the differences between classical Chinese and Modern Chinese that make it so difficult for senior high school students to learn classical Chinese.Nowadays a good deal of teachers are keeping looking for suitable teaching methods so as to promote interest in learning Classical Chinese and enhance their ability to read and understand classical Chinese.Based on the teaching practice in the No.1 Middle School of Wei Shan County,through investigation and comparative teaching methods,the author holds that the reading method is a more appropriate teaching method.While,there are also some problems in the practice of reading method in the current teaching environment,which need to be improved on the basis of teaching evaluation.Therefore,the paper will focus on the practice of reading method on classical Chinese teaching and put forward further adjustment strategies by analyzing its problems.In order to study the teaching method of classical Chinese reading in senior high school,based on literature research,this paper will conduct a teaching research by adopting the combined questionnaire survey and interview method,and present data in chart.The paper is divided into six parts:The introduction part mainly elaborates the reason,significance and current situation of the research on the reading method during the classical Chinese teaching in senior high school,and briefly introduces the research methods of the paper.The first part of the paper mainly discusses the concept of reading method,and summarizes its characteristics as flexibility,efficiency and subjectivity through the actual teaching partly.The second part of it mainly remains a survey of the current situation of Classical Chinese reading teaching in senior high school.We take some students in in Grade 2017 and 2018 of Wei Shan No.1 Middle School in JiNing City as the research objects and find three main problems: low students' motivation in reading,weak teachers' classical Chinese foundation,and strong constraints in the development of reading method by adopting follow-up classes,practice lectures,questionnaires,interviews and other methods.According to the problems which have appeared in the survey,the third part evaluates this method and puts forward some specific strategies.To improve low students' motivation in reading,we can adopt such methods as "varied ways,interest stimulation","application of technology,reading assistance","common sense acquirement,process focus";to upgrade teachers' weak foundation in classical Chinese,we can rely on such methods as " ideas change,awareness enhancement","requirements clarity,guidance evaluation "," Hands-on experience and ability improvement ";to reduce time constraints,we can turn to such methods as " language sense cultivation in and out of class" and " atmosphere creation and activities development".The fourth part refers to several key points during the process of reading method in Classic Chinese that should be paid attention to such as: full preparation in textbooks,students,the teaching process before class;text reading in varied ways on the premise of combined reading skills in the course and feedback presentation on students 'reading situation timely;reading exercises in various ways after class.Finally,the author takes "Candle Wu Returns to Qin Army" and "A Widow to the Country" as examples to write teaching plans.The concluding part mainly further summarizes and reflects on the paper.This paper summarizes the status and role of classical Chinese in senior high school textbooks,and the feasibility of reading teaching method during the process of learning classical Chinese for senior high school students.Although the author spends a lot of energy and time in designing and creating papers,it still holds some shortcomings and urge for teachers' and scholars' criticism and correction sincerely.
Keywords/Search Tags:classical Chinese in senior high school, reading method, strategy improvement, teaching implementation
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