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Research On The Regional Characteristics Of Chinese College Students' Track And Field Sports

Posted on:2021-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330611963896Subject:Physical Education
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Athletics is not only recognized as the basis of other competitive sports,but also an important gold medal for the Olympic Games.It is also one of the best projects to improve people's health and physical fitness.And according to the national "119 Project" plan,track and field sports are listed as one of the key development projects in China.However,the study of the Rio Olympic Games found that China's track and field superior events have been followed by no one.The college track and field team is one of the many high-level sports teams undertaken by colleges and universities,and it is an important channel for China to train excellent track and field athletes.Therefore,the development of track and field events for college students can not only cultivate excellent track and field reserve talents for the country,but also contribute to the development of competitive sports.At the same time,they have greatly improved the physical fitness of young people in mass sports and accelerated the dream of a strong sports country in China.Implementation.However,the development of competitive sports and mass sports is inseparable from a certain region.The differences in the natural environment,economic development level,history,culture and other factors in the region will shape competitive sports and mass sports with different levels and characteristics.The allocation of resources,the flow of competitive talents,and the distribution of competitive events also permeate regional thinking.Therefore,in the new historical period of Chinese sports development,how to organize and optimize the distribution of track and field events is the focus of research.The University Track and Field Championships are held once a year and are representative of the comprehensive track and field events for college students.They can intuitively reflect the training situation and competitive level of universities in provinces,cities and autonomous regions.In this study,taking the results of the college track and field championships in the past five years as an example,the sports in the college track and field championships are divided into sprints,hurdles,middle and long distances,throwing,jumping,and walking based on the training group theory and the combination of many scholars And the all-round seven-item group.Use Excel to organize the information of the top 8 of the 22 provinces,4 municipalities and 3 autonomous regions participating in the championship in the past five years,and assign values to them according to the ranking of the competition.1-8 are assigned 9,7,respectively.6,5...1,in which the relay and all-around items are assigned twice.Using spss to perform quick cluster analysis of K value on the sorted data,after multiple tests and combined with professional knowledge,the classification number K is finally defined as 4 and the number of iterations is defined as 5,its regional clustering effect is reasonable,according to cluster analysis The scores in the results divide the college students' track and field sports area into four categories,followed by dominant area,sub-dominant area,potential advantage area and backward area.It was found that the predominant regions of the sprint event group were Hunan,Zhejiang and Guangdong,and Su was the sub-dominant region;the hurdle event group and the jump event group all took Hunan as the dominant region;the middle and long distance running event group,race walking event group,throwing Both the event group and the all-around event group take Beijing as the dominant region.The overall analysis found that university students 'track and field events showed a regional distribution of south and north,the south was dominated by speed and skill,and the north was dominated by strength and endurance.In addition,university students' track and field events also appeared as well as from the east.The characteristic of the weakening of the westward competitive strength.Through the analysis of the dominant groups of different genders,it is found that there are large differences in the dominant areas of the sprint event group and the hurdle event group,and the differences of the other event group advantage regions are not significant.According to the results of this study and the interviews with experts,this study gives recommendations for the development of college students' track and field sports projects:(1)According to local conditions,combined with regional advantageous resources to develop track and field advantageous projects.(2)Strengthen the cultivation of reserve talents for track and field projects in the region,while retaining outstanding talents in the region and attracting other outstanding talents.(3)Increase funding input and improve the infrastructure required for training.(4)Continuously improve the training level of coaches and promote the development of training in a scientific direction...
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