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Research On The Relationship Between College Students' Sense Of Collective Efficacy And Career Adaptability

Posted on:2021-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330626954304Subject:Applied Psychology
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Career adaptability is a hotspot in the field of career research in recent years.The development level of college students' career adaptability will directly affect their employment.In today's society,college students need to adjust themselves to face the complex problems of career development in order to prepare for their future careers.Whether they can adapt to their future careers is closely related to the level of their career adaptability.This study shows the current situation of college students' collective efficacy and career adaptability,and further explores the relationship between collective efficacy and career adaptability and other influencing factors.I hope to provide reference opinions on employment guidance for college students and career development of this group.In this study,a questionnaire survey was used to conduct a questionnaire survey on 700 college students from 4 universities in Shanghai and Jiangsu.Finally,644 questionnaires were valid.Using SPSS24.0 and AMOS24.0 to analyze the data,the results objectively reflect the current status of college students 'collective efficacy and career adaptability,and further analyze the career adaptability,collective efficacy,career identity and career social support of college students Relationship.The research results are as follows:(1)The career adaptability of college students is generally at the upper middle level.There are differences in demographic variables in each dimension.Whether it is an only child,its adaptability level is significantly different.In terms of gender,birthplace and grade,the differences in career adaptability in different dimensions are different;(2)college students 'collective efficacy has a significant positive predictive effect on career adaptability,and career identity(exploration breadth,exploration depth,doing Outcome commitment,identity commitment)level is significantly positively correlated,and is significantly negatively correlated with the self-reflection dimension,but not related to its occupational flexibility dimension;(3)college students 'professional identity plays a complete intermediary role between collective efficacy and career adaptability;(4)Career social support from college students' parents and teachers plays a role in regulating before collective efficacy and professional identity.This study reveals the current level of college students 'career adaptability and provides empirical support for the exploration of college students' career development.At the same time,from the perspective of personal and environmental matching,the relationship between college students' collective efficacy and career adaptability and other influencing factors are also discussed.The aim is to help college students improve their adaptability and better career development,and also provide a new perspective for college career development education.
Keywords/Search Tags:collective efficacy, professional identity, career adaptability, career social support, college students
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