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High School Mathematics Research On The Implementation Of The Teaching Strategy Of Lide Shuren

Posted on:2021-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The 2017 edition of ?High School Mathematics Curriculum Standards?is proposed "It is necessary to comprehensively implement the party's education policy and implement the fundamental tasks of Lide shuren ",Mathematics educators are required to put " Lide shuren " first in educational activities.The mathematics curriculum is an important carrier.How to implement the fundamental task of Lide shuren in mathematics teaching,Implementing both teaching and educating in every link of teaching is a problem that mathematics educators must face and think about.This research adopts a literature analysis method,an investigation study method,and a case analysis method.On the basis of investigating high school students' related levels of "German" and the current status of high school mathematics teaching.By revealing the occurrence and development process of mathematics subject knowledge and integrating into the implementation of the teaching content of Lide shuren,Put forward high school mathematics teaching to implement the teaching strategy of Lide shuren.I hope that it can be used for reference in mathematics teaching in theory and practice.The first chapter of this article expounds the background,research significance,research methods and research contents of this research;The second chapter is a literature review,analyzing related research at home and abroad,and a basic division of the Lide shuren;The third chapter makes an elaboration on the core concepts and theoretical basis of the implementation of Lide shuren in high school mathematics,These include the definition of core concepts of morality,ethics,teaching strategies,and mathematics teaching strategies.And the introduction of humanistic learning theory,moral cognitive development theory,multiple intelligence theory,and the party's education policy;The fourth chapter is the investigation and analysis of the "morality" related level of high school students and the status quo in some aspects of mathematics teaching,I learned from this that high school students consider ethics and outstanding performance to be very important.Under the prevailing educational environment of moral education,the cultivation of patriotism has obvious effects.At the same time,it was found that the problems of high school students about morality mainly manifestedas: lack of responsibility,insufficient rigorous study attitude,and insufficient self-confidence;In the teaching process,it was found that there was a single form of high school mathematics assignments,the individual differences between students were ignored in the assignment design,there was less communication between teachers and students,students had autonomous learning,and there was insufficient cooperation and communication awareness.The fifth chapter is the current teaching situation presented in the survey,Combined with the research results of relevant literature at home and abroad and the general laws followed by education and teaching,the elements of moral education in high school mathematics teaching were refined.From the selection and refinement of teaching content,teaching design,teaching process,homework,evaluation and other teaching links,put forward the implementation of Lide shuren teaching strategies in high school mathematics teaching,and strive to do concrete research in these strategies;The sixth chapter is the design and analysis of a teaching case based on the teaching strategy proposed in Chapter 5,in order to support the feasibility of the proposed teaching strategy.The implementation of the fundamental task of " Lide shuren " requires the unremitting efforts of mathematics educators.This research revealed the methods of explicit moral education development and implicit moral knowledge extraction in teaching materials.Incorporating moral education elements such as moral conviction,humanistic literacy,and ideological quality into mathematics teaching,"Sneaked into the night wind,moisten things silently".Exploring useful ways for the cultivation and succession of socialist builders and successors.
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