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Research On The Countermeasure Of Innovating The Business Model Of Telecom Operators

Posted on:2018-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330542476824Subject:Strategic management
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During the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan period,the Chinese economy entered the new normal state of "speed change,structural optimization and power conversion".To adapt and lead the new normal state,the CPC Central Committee and the State Council demanded that the central enterprises should give full play to the basic,strategic and leading role,Deepen the reform,strengthen the core ability through innovation,to achieve internal business,organization and human collaborative development,contributing to the economic growth of new kinetic energy.At the same time,in order to promote the development of new productive forces and maintain the national competitive advantage,the state in the "13th Five-Year Plan" will be network and information technology to a strategic height,established a "network power","China made 2025" And other national strategy,the layout of "broadband China"."Internet of Things application promotion","cloud computing innovation and development","Internet + action","large data applications" and other eight major information technology projects.The implementation of the above-mentioned national strategy is expected to accelerate the development of a new generation of information infrastructure,nurture a number of two areas of integration of the trillion market,effectively expanding the development of new space industry.The end of 2013,the Ministry of Industry officially issued 4G license,China's telecommunications market from the 4G era.With the deployment of 4G network scale,the rapid spread of intelligent terminals,greatly promoted the development of mobile Internet,but the telecom operators to bring significant challenges.The industrial environment is evolving toward "de-telecommunication" and "Internet centering",and telecom operators are further "channeled".The traditional mobile voice and SMS business revenue is declining,and mobile data traffic,while showing explosive growth,is facing The "no increase in revenue" problem,telecom operators existing "Voice,SMS and data services" troika business model,has clearly not suited to the mobile Internet business characteristics.In the mobile Internet era how to maintain a competitive advantage,to achieve sustainable development and profitability,is the global telecom operators face a common problem,business model innovation as an inevitable choice.In view of this,this paper takes China Mobile as an example,based on the basic theory of business model,from the perspective of business model innovation,a comprehensive study of mobile Internet era of telecom operators business model innovation countermeasures.Starting from the development of China Mobile and mobile Internet,the paper analyzes the characteristics of mobile Internet industry and challenges the traditional business model of telecom operators.This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of China Mobile's internal and external environment and business model by using PEST analysis,Porter competition five force model and SWOT analysis method.Finally,based on the SWOT matrix and the innovation dimension of the business model,this paper deduces the strategic range of China Mobile's commercial model innovation in the mobile Internet age.This paper argues that in the era of mobile Internet,China Mobile business model innovation can be from the "differentiated traffic marketing system,family digital services,large data industry applications,the layout of the Internet industry chain" four directions,and try to establish four innovative business model Model,put forward implementation recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile Internet, Telecom operators, China Mobile, 4G Network, Business model Innovation
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