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Measurement And Regulation Of Land Use Spatial Conflict In Jining City

Posted on:2020-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330572487560Subject:Public administration
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Conflict and cooperation run through the process of land use by human beings,presenting a relationship of opposition and unity.The contradiction of land use in China is becoming increasingly fierce,which poses a great threat to the structural integrity and the quantity of ecological land.Identifying the "sensitive areas" of various conflicts in the process of land use,quantitatively measuring the intensity of spatial conflicts in land use,and taking targeted measures to adjust,control and optimize the scale structure and spatial distribution of land use can provide guarantee for easing the contradiction between economic and social development and ecological and environmental protection.This paper discusses the theory of land use spatial conflict studies both at home and abroad,in synergy theory,landscape ecology,the game theory,risk management,under the guidance of the government management and new public management theory,from the perspective of ecological security and risk prevention and control,using RS and GIS technology,spatial conflict measure model of land use,in Jining City in Shandong Province as the research area,measure the intensity of land use spatial conflict,analysis of existing problems,put forward control suggestions.The main conclusions are as follows:(1)This paper studies the measurement method of spatial conflict of land use,and constructs the measurement model of spatial conflict of land use from the perspective of ecological security and risk prevention and control,and comprehensively measures spatial conflict of land use from three aspects of external pressure index,exposure index and stability index.(2)The spatial conflict intensity of Jining City is analyzed.Seen from the external pressure index,the fractal dimension of Rencheng District is the largest,which is 0.83 after standardization,and the external pressure is also the largest.The fractal dimension of most counties(cities and districts)is around 0.65,and the external pressure is similar.From the perspective of exposure index,the exposure index of Rencheng District,Yanzhou District and Zoucheng City is larger,all above 0.68,and the index of Sishui County is the smallest.In terms of stability index,it is still the least stable in Rencheng District and Yanzhou District.Put it all together,Jining City counties(cities and districts)of land use spatial conflict intensity of size:Rencheng District 0.91,Yanzhou District 0.85,Zoucheng City 0.73,Liangshan County 0.54,Jiaxiang County 0.54,Qufu City 0.51,Wenshang County 0.44,Jinxiang County 0.43,Weishan County 0.31,Yutai County 0.31 and Sishui County 0.24.Rencheng District has reached the level of serious out of control;Sishui County,Yutai County and Weishan County are in a stable and controllable range.(3)The countermeasures of land use space conflict are discussed,suggest Jining City administrative department should highlight the leading role of "integration of multiple plans",implement comprehensive land improvement across the region,and build a performance management evaluation system and so on three aspects,formulate policies and measures to control land use spatial conflict.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land use space conflict, Intensity of conflict, Measure model, Regulation
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