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Study On The Mechanism Of Entrepreneurial Network On Entrepreneurship

Posted on:2021-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330623964714Subject:Business management
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“Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” has been an important driving force of innovation development,a source of enterprise value creation and competitive advantage,and even a significant way to realize enterprise upgrading and promote industrial development,the core of which lies in value creation.However,under the situation of strong dynamic technology and market,and facing the competition of the leading enterprises,it becomes more and more difficult for enterprises to carry out effective value creation.The existing research on enterprise entrepreneurship mainly focuses on the entrepreneurial orientation and entrepreneurial ability,which however,neglects the key resources brought by the entrepreneurial network for enterprises.Entrepreneurial network has become the foundation for enterprises to obtain resource advantages.The learning activity based on entrepreneurial network is an important way for enterprises to acquire new knowledge and realize enterprise entrepreneurship.On the basis of reviewing the literature on entrepreneurial network,entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship,this paper selects two typical enterprises to carry out exploratory case studies.Through theoretical presupposition,data collection,data analysis and case analysis,this paper preliminarily summarizes the mechanism of entrepreneurial network on enterprise entrepreneurship,and puts forward six initial hypothetical propositions.Further,this paper combines the existing relevant research to construct the conceptual model and refine the research hypothesis.On the basis of the theoretical research,312 valid questionnaires were collected by questionnaire,and the data analysis tools SPSS 20.0 and AMOS21.0 were used to verify the research hypothesis.Therefore,through theoretical exploration and empirical analysis,the main conclusions of this paper are as follows:First,entrepreneurship network has a positive impact on enterprise entrepreneurship,and the construction mechanism of enterprise entrepreneurship network is different various from stages.The results show that both strong ties and weak ties are beneficial to enterprise entrepreneurship,but the construction mechanism of entrepreneurial network is different in different industrial attribute enterprises and different stages of enterprise growth.Enterprises need to correctly use the network relationship to build a reasonable entrepreneurial network,so as to carry out entrepreneurship more effectively.Second,the entrepreneurial learning has a positive effect on the enterprise entrepreneurship,and the effect of the learning can be changed due to the change of the enterprise type.The exploitative learning of traditional industrial enterprises is more conducive to the realization of enterprise entrepreneurship,and the exploratory learning of emerging industrial enterprises is more beneficial to the realization of enterprise entrepreneurship.This means that enterprises can adopt a learning model that is more conducive to the development of enterprises according to the industrial attributes.Third,the entrepreneurial network has a positive impact on the entrepreneurial learning,and the entrepreneurial network has an impact on the enterprise's entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship learning.In addition,the strong ties network has a positive effect on the exploration and the exploitative learning,while the weak ties network has a positive effect only on the exploration learning.Last but not least,the entrepreneurial network and enterprise development logic are various from industrial attributes and development stages.In the process of enterprise continuous entrepreneurship,the development logic of enterprises of traditional industries has changed from cost-oriented to R&D drive logic,with its entrepreneurial network changing from weak ties to strong ties.The development logic of emerging industries has changed from customer orientation to active innovation,and their entrepreneurial network has a strong ties to weak ties.The theoretical and practical values are as following: Firstly,this paper advances the research on the mechanism of the entrepreneurial network to the enterprise entrepreneurship,and enriches the research of antecedent variables of enterprise entrepreneurship.Secondly,this paper analyzes the construction and utilization process of entrepreneurial network in different stages of enterprise development,and holds that enterprises should optimize the network relationship with partners according to their own stage,allocate the required resources reasonably,which deepen the application of network theory in entrepreneurship research.Lastly,this paper provides a reference for enterprises to choose different learning models according to the characteristics of their industries.
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