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The Process Model Of The Entrepreneurial Learning Of Ambidextrous Learning Perspective

Posted on:2019-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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There are bias and misunderstandings on college student entrepreneurs.The main reasons are:(1)Traditional ideas think that students should study hard at school,should not get something "mess" to influence their studies.(2)The narrow views of success and failure define the success or failure of the venture directly from the financial indicators such as whether the entrepreneur can generate profits or not.This study,based on the campus situation,according to the dual learning point of view,focuses on the process of college student entrepreneurs' entrepreneurship,entrepreneurial learning,and their study results.Existing studies respectively from the perspectives of experience learning,cognitive learning and practice learning have started a wide range of entrepreneurship research,and made a lot of instructive related conclusions and entrepreneurial learning model.This paper uses qualitative research methods,the grounded theory,takes the college student entrepreneurs of Shandong University as the research object,and sorts the interview notes and second-hand data by open coding,axial coding and selective coding.This paper summarizes 107 labels,48 concepts and 10 categories,and constructs the process model between the entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial learning outcomes of college students from the perspective of dual learning.Conclusions of this study are:(1)Entrepreneurial problems are the source of continuous learning for entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurs perceive that there is a gap between the knowledge and abilities needed by the enterprise and their existing knowledge and capabilities,which will trigger the initiative of entrepreneurs to learn.The "stock" of prior experience and knowledge of entrepreneurs determine student entrepreneurs to choose the learning way.Exploitation learning is that entrepreneurs use their knowledge and experience to solve problems.In addition to the part relating to the entrepreneurs' knowledge and experience,new knowledge are also needed,which have to be acquired by exploration learning.Exploratory learning is that entrepreneurs solve problems by exploring new knowledge and new methods.(2)Entrepreneurial motivation influences entrepreneurs' behavior,and its degree and persistence determine whether entrepreneurship behavior can be sustained.The entrepreneurial traits of entrepreneurs play a big role in the internal and external difficulties.(3)The critical reflection process of entrepreneurs in the process of entrepreneurship can help entrepreneurs to learn more deeply and to accumulate knowledge,and reduce rate of adverse events.(4)The entrepreneurial process is a learning process,and the results of entrepreneurial learning should include explicit results and implicit results.Explicit results can be measured by financial indicators.Meanwhile,implicit results can be measured by subjectivity indicators.The study suggests that(1)colleges and universities in the process of business pioneering education set up perfectly a practice system to help students know themselves,learn knowledge,accumulate experience and sum up experience and play a vital role in training college students' comprehensive ability and innovation ability.(2)colleges and universities set up scientific curriculum teaching system,combined with personalized needs of students,the teaching mode of"train(entrepreneurship training)-learning(entrepreneurship education)-researching(entrepreneurship research)",improve the students' experience and participation.(3)college students should correctly evaluate and understand entrepreneurial activities.Entrepreneurial activities can not only form and enhance entrepreneurial ability of college students,but also enrich knowledge and experience,and expand "stock" of knowledge.Entrepreneurial activity is an effective way to cultivate college students post competency,helping college students more clear positioning and intention of their future jobs,enhancing the social adaptability and the comprehensive quality,being also a learning process for college students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ambidextrous learning, Entrepreneurship learning, College student entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial results, Grounded theory
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