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A Study On Cross-Cultural Conflict And Cross-Cultural Adaptation Of Chinese Expatriates To Africa

Posted on:2021-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330626959518Subject:Business English Study
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With the establishment of "Belt and Road" initiative,more and more Chinese enterprises implement the "going out" strategy to seek a broader market and development prospects in international arena.As early as 2005,Nigeria established a strategic partnership with China,attracting a lot of investment from Chinese enterprises.An important step for enterprises to "go out" is to send expatriates to the host country.However,due to cultural differences between China and Nigeria,expatriates face problems of cross-cultural adaptation,cultural misunderstandings and cultural conflicts,leading to consequences of expatriate failure.Therefore,the cross-cultural adaptation of expatriates and cultural conflicts in the process of adaptation should attract sufficient attention.As a well-known enterprise in the field of communications construction in China,Z Company has been actively expanding its overseas business in recent years,with the Nigerian subsidiary as one of the company's subsidiaries.In this thesis,the expatriates of the Nigerian subsidiary of Z company were studied,and the method of quantitative and qualitative research was used,based on the theory of the cultural dimension of Hofstede and Colleen Ward's two dimensions of adaptation,in order to solve the problem of cross-cultural adaptation of expatriates in Nigeria and the cultural conflicts arising in the process,and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.First of all,in order to understand the expatriates' perception of the cultural differences and the cross-cultural adaptation of expatriates in Nigeria,questionnaire is adopted.The results of the questionnaire analysis show that:(1)Chinese expatriates believe that there are great differences in communication styles,in religious culture,values,world view,social etiquette between China and Nigeria(2)cross-cultural adaptation and work performance of expatriates are positively correlated,(3)in the dimension of socio-cultural adaptation,Chinese expatriates have poor adaptation to“religion,values,social activities”,and in terms of psychological adaptation,expatriates show poor adaptation to the item "accepted to new things that deviate from tradition".Secondly,in order to understand the cross-cultural conflict and problems encountered by expatriates in cross-cultural adaptation,this study conducted in-depth interviews with five expatriates.Combined with questionnaires and interview results,the author found that there are conflicts in religious culture and values,communication problems,management problems,maladjustment to local eating habits and dressing culture,psychological stress due to lack of social interaction.And then Hofstede's theory of cultural dimensions is used to analyze the causes of conflicts and problems.Finally,this study puts forward the suggestions of "strengthening cross-cultural training centered on religious culture," "strengthening cross-cultural communication," "improving cross-cultural cognition competence","building a diversified compensation and benefits system".Through the case of Z Company,this study hopes to provide feasible inspiration and reference for other Chinese enterprises to operate in Africa.
Keywords/Search Tags:international assignment, cross-cultural adaptation, cultural conflict, Africa
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