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Investigation And Research On The Quality Of Awarding Professional Master's Degree In A First-class University

Posted on:2021-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306476960099Subject:Graduate Education
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Postgraduate degree award is an important part of university degree and postgraduate education.The award of a postgraduate degree by a university in accordance with the provisions of the state law is an affirmation of the academic achievements of graduate students in school,and graduate students prove their learning ability and academic level to the employing units with their degree certificates.The quality of postgraduate degree award is an important part of the quality of degree and postgraduate education.With the development of professional degree master's degree education,the quality of professional master's degree award has attracted much attention.In comparison,the quality of the master's degree in the majors of first-class universities is exemplary and leading.Therefore,it is of great theoretical and practical significance to carry out quality research on the granting of professional master's degree in first-class universities.This project research takes the first-class university(S University)as the case school,takes the quality of professional master's degree as the research object,follows the principle of combining theory and practice,and comprehensively uses the literature research method,the case study method,the questionnaire method and the inter view method to carry out the research.First of all,on the basis of sorting and summarizing the existing literature,the research on the quality of postgraduate degree grant at home and abroad is sorted out.Secondly,from the perspective of professional master's degree,master's degree tutor and professional degree graduate education manager,the current situation of the quality of professional master's degree award is investigated,and its problems are analyzed.Finally,the above-mentioned research and the existence of countermeasures to put forward suggestions.This project study mainly draws the following conclusions: 1 There are many factors that affect the quality of professional master's degree award,but mainly the quality of tutors and mentors,professional practice quality,course teaching quality,degree thesis quality and other factors.(2)The analysis of the causes of the problems is as follows: the quality of professional master's tutors and the structure of the teaching staff need to be opti mized;(3)On the basis of investigation and research,put forward the basic principles and countermeasures for the construction of a first-class university professional master's degree award quality assurance system,including: perfecting the "double tutor" system of professional master's degree,improving the quality of tutor guidance;We will strengthen the cultural atmosphere of graduate education for professional master's degrees,further strengthen the construction of the authorization system for professional master's degree,implement the evaluation of the quality of professional master's degree education by specialized agencies,and speed up the improvement of relevant laws and regulations on the development of professional master's degree education.
Keywords/Search Tags:First class University, Quality of awarding professional master's degree, Quality assurance system, countermeasures and suggestion
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