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A Study On The System Of Teaching Quality Assurance In Professional Master's Degree In Education

Posted on:2009-09-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In present world, with the in-depth development of economic globalization and the rapid progress of science and technology, international competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Thus knowledge is strengthening becoming the decisive factor of increasing our overall national strength and international competitiveness, hence human resources is inevitably becoming the strategic resource to the promotion of the economic and social development, which makes the basic, preclusive and strategic position and role of education more and more dominant. The development of the country and the revitalization of the Chinese nation, in the final analysis, largely depend on qualified personnel, and the foundation of personnel training lies in education. As the basic approach to elevate the ideological and moral qualities and the scientific and cultural qualities.Education is the fundamental project which develops the science and technology and trains personnel in our country. Since the training of teachers is the key to promote the development of Chinese education, we are supposed to train large numbers of high-quality personnel.Master of Education, a kind of professional degree with occupational background of teacher, is built to train high-level talents for basic education. It is at the same level with the current master's degree of pedagogy, but different from the latter in specifications. The recipients of the degree should not only master the modern technology and methods of teaching, but also obtain higher accomplishment of theories on education and teaching abilities for basic education. Master of Education in our country was established in 1996, and after decades of development, remarkable achievements have been scored. A large number of high-level teaching and management staffs for the basic education have emerged, at the time the reform and the development of the basic education have been promoted. However, with the increase of training institutions, professional expanding and the expansion of the scale enrollment, the quality of teaching of Master of Education drops and it becomes the focus of public attention.The quality of teaching is the lifeline for the subsistence and development of the graduate education of Master of Education. Now the authorities are increasing the intensity of management to improve the teaching quality of higher education. So we need to seriously study how to ensure and improve the teaching quality of Master of Education and how to develop it in a healthy way.The Paper firstly, discusses the theories of quality management, arranges and analyses the basic philosophy of guaranteeing teaching quality of Master of Education in general. By retrospection the development of the graduate education in the United States, the type and major of Master of Education in the United States are identified, and the main characteristics of the graduate education in the United States are summed up. And these characteristics include: appropriate training objectives, standards of graduate admission which require the capacity for the first, curriculums which are set pragmatically and flexibly, tutors which are selected strictly, different training models, a variety of teaching methods, internal quality assurance system which is standardized and effective, a wide range of external forces of quality control.Secondly, the paper analyses the backgrounds in which the Master of Education emerges, explores the course of the development of the Master of Education. Through empirical research, a questionnaire survey of the actuality of the Master of Education in some college was conducted, and some employers were interviewed. Through the investigation and interview, specific issues of teaching in the Master of Education in our country were found.Finally, the paper indicates the basic elements and the principles of the teaching quality assurance system of the Master of Education ,and explicates the structure and function of the system. According to specific issues of teaching in the Master of Education in our country , measures that improve the teaching quality assurance system are put forward. And these measures include: establishing a correct concept of the teaching quality with the forerunner of changing the concept of education concepts; taking various effective measures to improve the level of teachers and managers;solidifying the center status of teaching with systems and ensuring the continuous development of teaching with investment; improving the teaching quality of the Master of Education through flexible and diverse teaching methods; according to the needs of the society, optimizing the structure of curriculums;the staff's participation in the teaching quality management with the entry point of culture; strengthening the quality management of the teaching process through comprehensive theories of quality management; according to the evaluation criterion of teaching in Master of Education,actualizing self-evaluation; developing standards of professional degree and regularly evaluating the colleges which train the postgraduates of Master of Education;adopting some train styles to relieve the student's conflict between work and study.
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