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The Construction And Empirical Study Of The Influencing Factors Model Of Student Learning Satisfaction In A Mixed Learning Environment

Posted on:2017-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330512467988Subject:Education Technology
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In recent years, the Everyone-community Project,Micro-class,MOOCs,Flipped Classroom and other information technology had been applied in our country's education.The same time,learning analysis and personalized resources had became a hot research in online education and learning.Liu Yandong proposed "the deeply integrate information technology and education" in the 2015 international information technology conference on education,then "Internet+" and other strategies also appear to support the teaching and learning,the teaching and learning under information technology supported had been a core issue of recent research. "The blended learning had been the favor of teaching reformers at home and aboard for those years,and blended learning also walk into education information ten Topic in 2016.Although current research about blended learning had made some progress,whether students satisfied for the learning activities designed under blended learning environment?what factors will directly affect the learning satisfaction under the blended learning environment and what level of mutual relations of those factors?This study is lack.Precisely this study is the critical factor affecting teaching and learning design from the perspective of learner.Therefore,this study about learning satisfaction factors under blended learning environment to improve teaching and learning effectively has practical signification.In this study,Blackboard, Wechat as the learning platform and e-Textbook as the tool for supporting students learning,focusing on the factors affected students'learning under this environment,and exploring learning satisfaction factors hierarchical model,hoping to provide a reference for actual teaching and learning under blended learning environment.This study conducted content analysis literature about learning satisfaction under the learning and teaching supported by technology,then sort out learning satisfaction factors and divide into dimension,and use questionnaire to know the students agree or not about those factors would affect their satisfaction under blended learning environment,finally get 18 factors.Those are learning background,teaching ability, assistant teachers' behaviors,platform's function design,self-efficacy,results expectation, perceived ease of use,activity design,course flexibility,resources presentations type, learning rewards,assessment methods,perceived usefulness,resources characteristics, learning style,learning motivation,learning environment,interaction behaviors.Secondly, the use of Delphi method to invite five experts in this field for knowing the relationship between learning satisfaction factors,and the result were constructed as the learning factors hierarchy model under blended learning environment by using ISM method.Based on those,selecting the Integration Information Technology into Curriculum as research course,building up the course resources under Blackboard,Wechat platform and the supported resources under e-Textbook can applied to iPad or mobile phone. During the course,organized the course's activities to guide student in this blended learning environment.Afterward,design the questionnaire to investigate factors that affecting learning satisfaction in the courses.Next,using Structural Equation Model to construct the factors model and put forward the hypotheses for further research to explore the relationship between the variables of each factor,and also use the group analysis to analysis learning style and factors,active learners and meditation learners is different in some degree in the factors'model.Finally,use the method regression analysis,and explore the effect path coefficients that learning style would affect learning resources presentation,learning activities,course flexibility.The main conclusion of this study:teachers' teaching ability and assistant teachers' behaviors are the first indicator of learning satisfaction.Learning activities design is the center satisfaction factor in the satisfaction factor model,learning activities has indirect on course flexibility,resources characteristics,perceived usefulness,learning rewards and assessment methods.Assessment methods,learning rewards,perceived usefulness and learning motivation have direct on interaction behaviors.Teaching ability and assistant teachers'behaviors have a significant effect on learning activities,and teaching ability has direct on resources representation,the assistant behaviors has indirect on course flexibility.The teachers ability and assistant behaviors also have the mutual influence relationship.Active learners and meditation learners is different path coefficients among those variable mutual affected in the factor model,active learners think assessment methods is mainly effect their learning motivation,while the meditation learners think is the perceived usefulness,and they also think that learning motivation has direct on interaction behaviors.The learning style in import dimension has indirect on resources representation and learning activities design,and learning style in process dimension has direct on learning activities design and courses flexibility,in other dimension is not positive significance.Based on those findings,researchers propose the strategies to improve learning satisfaction under blended learning environment,then use the data from platform and learning satisfaction questionnaire to analysis their effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blended learning, learning satisfaction, influencing factors model, Structural Equation Model, Learning style
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