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A Study On The Influence Of The "flipped Classroom" Teaching Mode On The Teaching Effect Of Ordinary College Students' Badminton Optional Courses

Posted on:2021-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306041455934Subject:Master of Physical Education
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Badminton is one of the most popular sports among the many advantageous sports in China.Because of its small staff composition,simple equipment requirements,wide participation,and strong fun,badminton is sought after and loved by college students.At present,the teaching mode of public physical education courses in universities in China is relatively uniform.Because the teaching time is controlled by the semester teaching plan,students often cannot fully grasp the various techniques of badminton in a semester physical education elective course,which affects its subsequent use of badminton.Learning and interest in technology.In view of this phenomenon,this study attempts to combine the flip classroom teaching mode with the university's public badminton elective teaching based on the characteristics of strong technicality,slow technical molding,and long practice cycles shown in badminton,and explore through teaching intervention experiments.How does the flipped classroom teaching mode affect the teaching effect of ordinary college students' badminton optional courses.This article uses the literature method and expert interview method to select various factors that may affect the teaching effect of badminton elective courses,and finally determines the five items of "physical fitness,basic skills of badminton ball,cooperation ability,attitude to physical exercise,and interest in sports learning".Indicators to reflect the teaching effect of badminton optional courses.The relevant psychological measurement questionnaires used are mature questionnaires analyzed and prepared by well-known experts after conducting teaching experiments in multiple universities across the country.They have high reliability and validity,ensuring the reliability of the research results.The study concluded the following:1.Overturning the classroom teaching mode Through the learning of teaching materials such as pre-class videos,the teaching links such as explanations and demonstrations in classroom teaching are reduced,which objectively increases the time and density of students 'badminton practice in the classroom,thereby indirectly promoting the students' body.Development of quality and improvement of badminton technology.2.The flipped classroom teaching mode can deepen students 'understanding of badminton action techniques and is conducive to the systematic construction of students'knowledge.Students can watch the correct badminton technique repeatedly through teaching video slow play and other functions,and combine related theories to deepen the systematic understanding of badminton events,which is conducive to improving students' badminton technology and theoretical level.3.In the process of flipping classroom teaching,students observe and study through pre-class videos and interact with teachers and students during the lesson with questions,which promotes students' ability to think and communicate independently.At the same time,through teaching competitions,students interact with each other.Communication,which promotes the ability to cooperate.4.Flip classroom teaching mode Through various teaching resources and methods,students 'interest in badminton can be more effectively mobilized.Through a deep understanding of the badminton project,students' desire to participate in teaching practice is more urgent,and finally through the action essentials Quick grasp,gaining results experience,further increasing the interest in badminton learning,so that students'attitude towards physical exercise changed to a more positive direction.5.Although the flipped classroom teaching mode is superior to the traditional classroom in some aspects,it cannot completely replace the traditional classroom.The disadvantage is that the flipped classroom requires students to be more proactive,but due to the individual differences of students,how to ensure that students can actively learn curriculum resources such as teaching videos before class is the prerequisite and foundation for the successful flipped classroom teaching model.It is also the difficulty in the course implementation.
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