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A Study On The Situation Analysis And Improving Strategies Of Classroom Teaching Management Of Urban-rural Junior High School

Posted on:2022-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306491467814Subject:Master of Education
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Based on the present documents and information,the study stands on the shoulder of what domestic and foreign related researches have achieved.It manages to unveil the current situation of classroom teaching management of Urban-rural Junior High School.Through the research,it further explores the limiting factors that hinder the improvement of classroom teaching management,and makes efforts to raise the strategy for improving classroom teaching management of Urban-rural Junior High School.Thus it would promote students' physical and mental health development and Urban-rural Junior High School's sustained development and provide an example for them to follow.The survey of the thesis mainly bases on questionnaires and partly on interviews.Through the questionnaires,we find out the authentic situation of classroom teaching management of Urban-rural Junior High School,including their understanding of classroom teaching management,its importance,and their concrete evaluation of their own development ability.Through interviews,we deeply learn the status of implementation and problems of classroom teaching management in Urban-rural Junior High School and how much the classroom teaching management promotes students' learning etc.According to the survey,it shows the following conclusions.First,some marked problems are still waiting to be solved in the practice of classroom teaching management of Urban-rural Junior High School.The problems include that lacking management of classroom interpersonal relationship is one of reasons and teachers' classroom teaching management skills need to be further reinforced;the methods of classroom teaching management take external control as the main ways and students' dominant position in class is absent from practice and the purpose of teachers' classroom teaching management is biased.Second,the limiting factors that limit the development of classroom teaching management could be divided into two types.The first type has something to do with teachers and students themselves,including teachers' attitude and management concept,management knowledge and ability,students' individual factors and so on.The other one from environment involves classroom physical environment,teacher-students relationship and psychological atmosphere,organization support from both school and outside school.Based on the survey,this study raises 5 pieces of advice on how to improve classroom teaching management of Urban-rural Junior High School.To start with,establish correct teaching management concept,clarify management objectives;second,based on student based principle,improve management ways and practice students' dominant position in class;third,set up harmonious psychological environment in class,strengthen teacher-student relationship management;fourth,deal with students' problem behaviors properly,strengthen communication between family and school and form education resultant of forces;fifth,set up “Internet Plus” teaching and research community,improve teachers' classroom teaching management ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban-rural area, Classroom teaching, Classroom teaching management, Improvement strategy
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