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Research On The Influencing Factors Of Primary School Students' Mathematical Thinking Ability

Posted on:2022-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mathematics is the best carrier of active thinking,and the best object for effective exercise of thinking ability ? Curriculum standard(2011Edition)clearly points out in the general objectives of the course that in the process of mathematics learning in compulsory education,students should think,observe,discover and solve problems in the way of thinking of mathematics.Secondly,in order to develop students in an all-round way,students should also have a grasp of the necessary knowledge and abilities in modern life,and cultivate social people with innovative consciousness and thinking ability.Therefore,it is an important responsibility for the researchers of mathematics teaching and mathematics education to cultivate students' mathematical thinking ability.First,the author combs the literature and preliminarily understands the current situation of the study on the mathematics thinking ability of primary school students.Most of the research on the ability of mathematical thinking is mainly focused on the cultivation and improvement of the mathematics thinking ability of the students in the primary and high schools.However,there are only a few journals on the factors influencing the ability of mathematical thinking.There are few current analysis on the research on the mathematical thinking ability of primary school students,so as to confirm the research content of this paper:the research on the influencing factors of the primary school students' mathematical thinking ability.Through questionnaire survey,the paper has learned the external performance of the primary school students' mathematical thinking ability,that is,the difference of the quality of mathematical thinking.At the same time,the paper analyzes the current situation of primary school students' mathematical thinking ability by using test questions,and obtains the influencing factors of the difference in the mathematics thinking ability of primary school students through data analysis,which involves the correlation and difference analysis between the ability of mathematical thinking and different schools,different gender,different mathematics achievement,different interest degree of logarithmic learning and different education degree of parents.Through interviews with primary school mathematics teachers,the current situation of mathematical thinking ability training is understood.The results are as follows:First,through data analysis,we find that there are six factors influencing the pupils' mathematical thinking ability,which are:(1)the mathematics thinking ability of primary school students has strong correlation with the students' usual mathematics achievement,the better the math achievement,the stronger the students' mathematical thinking ability;(2)There is no significant difference in the performance of mathematics thinking ability among pupils of different genders,that is,gender has no influence on the difference of mathematical thinking ability;(3)The differences of educational development level in different economic levels are as follows: the better the development of the mathematics thinking ability of the local students with good educational economy development,and the poor development of the mathematics thinking ability of the local students with the weak educational economy development;(4)Interest in learning is the driving force of learning.The higher the concentration of interest in mathematics,the better the development of mathematical thinking ability;(5)The experiment shows that the students' off campus tutoring class has no substantial influence on the students' mathematics achievement;According to the significance analysis,through comparison,it is found that interest,learning achievement and regional education economy have the most significant influence on the primary school students' mathematical thinking ability.First,interest is the source of learning power,and the strength of interest directly affects the students' learning initiative.The higher the concentration of interest,the stronger the ability of mathematical thinking;Secondly,the students' mathematics study results,the better the academic achievements,the stronger the mathematical thinking ability.Finally,the difference of regional education economy is as follows: the richer the educational resources are,the more opportunities students get to train and improve their mathematical thinking ability in the places where the education economy develops well.According to the above conclusion,some suggestions are put forward for the development of the mathematics thinking ability of primary school students.First,for students,interest has significant correlation with the students' mathematics achievement and mathematical thinking ability,and has significant positive correlation.Therefore,the indispensable point to improve students' mathematical thinking ability is the strong interest,which is also an important basis for improving the ability of mathematical thinking.Students can understand mathematics from different angles and find out the interest of mathematics.Secondly,for teachers,mathematics,as a subject with strong abstraction,can take the following measures to improve students' mathematical thinking ability: first,teachers should keep up with the pace of the times,in class,take real life as the situation,so that students can feel that mathematics is around,everything runs through mathematical thoughts and is close to nature,I prefer to explore the mystery of nature.Secondly,in the teaching process,teachers should take students as the main body,actively play the students' subjectivity,treat the differences between male and female students correctly,give students enough time and space to display and think,and let students learn to summarize,organize,reflect and summarize the process of mathematical thinking independently,In this way,students' mathematical thinking ability can be improved and positive affirmation and evaluation will be given to students.Finally,for schools,primary school is the key stage to inspire students' development of mathematical thinking ability.Therefore,schools should pay attention to this.First,schools should pay attention to the training of teachers.Only when teachers know how to cultivate students' mathematical thinking ability,students can get effective ways to improve their mathematical thinking ability.Secondly,the school should improve the research-based learning for students and teachers.Finally,the school should optimize the school resources,from teaching equipment to teacher quality.The above is some suggestions on the development of mathematical thinking ability found by the author through investigation and research.I hope this study can provide reference for the teaching of mathematics thinking of primary school students,and choose appropriate methods to improve according to the results of this study,so as to help to improve the mathematics thinking ability of primary school students.
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