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Experimental Study On Teaching U12 Basic Techniques Of Small Basketball

Posted on:2022-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306506997549Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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The "Little Basketball Plan" is a basketball reform measure conducted by the Chinese Basketball Association in 2017.It is a promotion plan for youth basketball aged 12 and younger.The Chinese Basketball Association changes the rules and equipment of adult basketball in order to create a more suitable sport for children's basketball.In addition,the improvement of "Little Basketball Rules" and "Grade System of Chinese Little Basketball Players" marks that small basketball is promoting China's school basketball to a new stage of development.However,the school on the basic technology of small basketball teaching still adopts the traditional teaching scheme,teaching medium is still adult field,adult equipment and adult rules to hold various small basketball league;to a certain extent did not fully combine the physical and mental characteristics of small basketball U12(level 3)students,using specific teaching theory to think about students ' practical needs for small basketball.Based on this,this study,based on the reality of small basketball U12 students ' sports practice,explores and designs teaching programs from multiple levels that may meet their needs,in order to provide practical reference and theoretical basis for the basic technical teaching of small basketball U12.This research mainly uses literature and data method,field survey method,questionnaire survey method and logical analysis method,with 40 U12 students(fifth and sixth grade)as the research objects.Primary basketball perspective of U12 basic technology teaching as the breakthrough point,design experimental group and control group,the experimental group and control group students in the small basketball learning interest and the basic skills master comparative analysis results in two directions,from four dimensions between the two groups of students in small basketball interest and participation,the difference of skills,at the same time to find out the factors affecting the development of small basketball U12.The research results indicate that:(1)In the course of teaching,as far as the traditional model law is concerned,two novel teaching methods,game teaching method and small basketball game,are more able to stimulate students' interest in learning and increase their participation in the classroom on the basis of active classroom atmosphere.(2)Combined with the test results after the experiment,it was found that the results of the experimental group were significantly better than those of the control group from the four levels of students' participation dimension,positive learning interest,negative learning interest and autonomous learning degree.(3)By analyzing the students' mastery after the teaching experiment of the basic skills of small basketball,it is found that the technical and theoretical knowledge of the two groups of students have improved significantly,but the improvement of the students in the experimental group is more significant.(4)The teaching program of small basketball U12 can be appropriately added to the dribbling,passing,shooting,dribbling basket as the basic technical content,and formulated around the teaching tasks,teaching objectives,teaching strategies and other theoretical bases.Recommendations:First,the government actively promotes the construction of campus characteristic basketball,but as one of them,the government can not only support its development in policy,but can increase special allocations,mostly in schools,squares,parks,communities and other small basketball venues,equipped with standard small basketball equipment.Second,organizing school PE teachers to participate in the training of small basketball knowledge and technology regularly is helpful to improve the comprehensive accomplishment of PE teachers.Small basketball is still a new sports item,it is urgent for more professional small basketball coaches or physical education teachers to introduce into the primary school campus,play the role of the connection of each school,pull the mass foundation of small basketball.Third,school basketball teachers or physical education teachers actively introduce and deeply study the teaching and training methods of small basketball,follow the law of students' physical and mental development in this stage,scientifically adjust the teaching contents,teaching methods and means,and effectively improve the training fun and classroom quality.Fourth,teachers can use modern teaching equipment to change the single teaching content and method in the teaching process,and further play the role of games and modern teaching equipment in small basketball.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small Basketball U12 Students, primary school basketball, experimental comparison and analysis
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