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The Study On The Auxiliary System In Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History Textbook

Posted on:2022-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306539475074Subject:Master of Education
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Facing the new situation in Chinese high school education,relevant experts and scholars have compiled the "Outline of Chinese and Foreign History" textbook under the guidance of new curriculum standard.In order to implement the spirit of the new curriculum reform,core literacy of history has been throughout the compilation process of the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History textbook,so the structure and content of the text auxiliary system have been completely reorganized.Research on the text auxiliary system helps teachers effectively use curriculum resources in the teaching process and build efficient classrooms.It's imperative to study the text auxiliary system with the new textbooks has been widely used.The text auxiliary system and the text system together constitute the basic structure of a history textbook.By supplementing the text system,it stimulates students' interest in learning,helps them better understand and master the content that needs to be learned,and can also test students' learning and cultivate the core literacy of the students in the history subject.This paper takes the auxiliary system of the "Outline of Chinese and Foreign History" textbook as the research object,analyzes and studies it from the perspective of teaching and learning,and offers some advice.Firstly,summarizes the text auxiliary system and analyzes its content,characteristics and functions.Secondly,investigate and study the application of it in actual teaching.Through interviews with teachers,we can understand the current situation of the application of it,and analyze the advantages and disadvantages.Finally,combined with the specific teaching design,it discusses the principles of the use of the auxiliary assistant system from the teaching aspect and puts forward suggestions for its use.
Keywords/Search Tags:Outline of Chinese and Foreign History textbook, the text auxiliary system, core literacy of history, history teaching reform
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