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Investigation And Research On The Main Changes Of The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History (part ?) And Its Pilot Teaching

Posted on:2021-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the founding of new China in 1949,the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people in constantly exploring the path of socialist construction and summarizing experiences and lessons.Profound changes have taken place in the political,economic,social,educational and cultural fields of the country.Under the above general trend,the reform of history curriculum in ordinary high schools has been under way.In order to realize the fundamental task of "educating people with moral integrity",China launched the revision of the 2003 History Curriculum Standards(Experiment)for Ordinary Senior High Schools in 2013,and the Ministry of Education officially promulgated the History Curriculum Standards for Ordinary Senior High Schools(2017 Edition)in 2018,thus starting to organize the compilation of new textbooks.This paper adopts the methods of comparative research,literature research and questionnaire,and combines relevant pedagogy and psychology theories to make a comparative analysis of the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(I)published by People's Education Press in 2019 and the third edition of the compulsory textbook in 2007.This paper is mainly divided into four chapters:The first chapter is the introduction,which briefly explains the background,purpose and significance of this paper,sorts out the research results of textbooks in recent years,and defines the relevant concepts involved in this paper.The second chapter mainly from the old and new curriculum standards,the old and new textbook text system and text auxiliary system and so on three aspects carry on the comparative study.Through a comparative study of curriculum standards in 2017 and 2003,this paper analyzes the influence of the two editions on textbooks from the aspects of curriculum nature and curriculum objectives,and finds that they have similarities and differences.Among them,one of the significant changes is the new history curriculum standard: through the history curriculum to cultivate students' core quality of history.In terms of the text system,it is found that there is no great difference in the overall design between the old and new textbooks,but the biggest difference is mainly in the writing style.The compulsory series of the old textbooks in the People's Education edition adopt the history of special topics.The new textbook outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 1)Chronicles Chinese history.In terms of the selection of text content,the new textbook adds contents related to socialist core values,ethnic unity and national territorial sovereignty on the basis of the old textbook.According to the time of use,the text auxiliary system is divided into pre-class auxiliary system,in-class auxiliary system and after-class auxiliary system.Through comparison,it is found that the new textbook inherits some advantages of the old textbook.On this basis,it enriches the form of text auxiliary system and adds historical maps and historical materials.In the third chapter,the teachers and students who are using the new textbooks are given a questionnaire.Through the preliminary analysis of the data,it is found that the new textbooks are generally praised by teachers and students,but there are still some deficiencies.The fourth chapter summarizes the gains and losses of the new textbook,and finds that the curriculum structure of the new textbook is more reasonable,the text content pays attention to the integrity and timing of historical knowledge,and closely links the core accomplishment of the history discipline.However,due to the mismatch between class hours and course contents,it is difficult to complete the teaching task,and it is quite difficult to implement part of the historical core literacy.Finally,it puts forward some feasible Suggestions for teachers,such as improving teachers' quality and changing teaching methods.Teachers should focus on their core qualities and set teaching objectives.Reasonable integration of teaching content,grasp the key and difficult points.
Keywords/Search Tags:Outline of Chinese and foreign history(part 1), General high school history curriculum standards, The text system, Text assistant system
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