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Research On The Effect Of Painting Therapy On The Improvement Of Self-worth Of The Elderly In Community

Posted on:2022-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306545489084Subject:Social work
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As one of art therapy,painting therapy promotes the painter's emotion expression and presents the painter's psychological state with the help of painting language,which is the process of individual subconscious visualization.Painting therapy helps to enhance the individual's ability to solve problems,realize the unity of cognition,emotion and behavior,and improve the individual's mental health.At present,painting therapy mainly focuses on children and adolescents as well as special groups of intervention studies,the study of the elderly group is less.The sense of self-worth of the elderly is a stable attitude and evaluation of the elderly based on their life experience,which is of great significance to the maintenance of individual mental health.However,due to the weakening of individual factors such as physiological function,social role and interpersonal relationship,and the influence of social factors such as the traditional view of aging which still regards the elderly as a dependent and vulnerable group,this has led to the marginalization of the elderly group and the generation of group anxiety and stereotypes,resulting in the elderly's self-identity deviation and self-worth decreased,further aggravating the elderly's sense of psychological loss,prone to psychological crisis.From the professional perspective of social work,this study selected 73 senior citizens in n community of s city as the research objects,case Study,literature analysis,questionnaire and interview were used to investigate and measure the level of self-worth of the elderly.The results show that the majority of the elderly in this community have low self-worth.The reasons include self-cognition deviation,strong negative emotion,weak family function,insufficient emotional care,weak interpersonal relationship and limited social support.By assessing the needs of the elderly with low self-worth,and according to the actual situation of the community and the elderly,the study recruited 13 elderly with low self-worth to conduct group work counseling,an elderly person with low self-worth was recruited to carry out case work service.To sum up,this study combined painting therapy with social work,and provided eight group work counseling and six case services for the elderly with low self-worth.At the end of the service,the self-worth scale for adults was used to evaluate the effectiveness of group work and case work.The results showed that the self-worth of the elderly changed significantly after the intervention of painting therapy,and the scores of each dimension increased to different degrees,drawing therapy plays an active role in helping the elderly with low self-worth to change their self-cognition,improve their negative emotions,enhance their emotional support and enhance their interpersonal interaction and social participation.In the part of countermeasures and suggestions,we think that we can improve the self-worth of the elderly from the personal,family and social levels.This research also ponders the localization development of the painting therapy.Finally,the ethical dilemma in the practice of professional service is also summarized and reflected,in the hope of providing some reference for future scholars.
Keywords/Search Tags:art therapy, aged people in community, sense of self-worth, improvement
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