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Research On The Affinity Improvement Of High School Ideological And Political Courses

Posted on:2022-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306722986749Subject:Disciplinary teaching
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At a symposium of teachers in the school's ideological and political theory class,Comrade Xi Jinping stressed that "ideological and political theory classes are the key courses for the implementation of the fundamental tasks of strengthening morality education"."To carry out the fundamental task of strengthening morality education,we must strengthen the curriculum construction of ideological and political lessons,and continuously promote the thinking and political courses to keep positive innovation,quality and efficiency." If we want to implement the fundamental task of establishing moral integrity in cultivation in high school moral education,we must do a good job of thinking about politics,and continuously promote the ideological and political classes to keep innovation,improve quality and efficiency,so we need to enhance the affinity of high school ideological and political classes.In order to understand the current situation of high school ideological and political affinity level,this paper surveyed 300 high school students in a middle school in Nanjing City,and selected more than 10 of them to conduct interviews.It can be seen from the results that there are shortcomings in the affinity of ideological and political subjects in high school,which are embodied in teachers,teaching materials,teaching and environment.The main reason is that teachers' subject view,knowledge view,teaching view and curriculum view are backward,teachers' teaching ability is limited,teaching material difficulty coefficient is large,teaching content is separated from students' life,lack of freshness,insufficient permeability of teaching methods,strong indoctrination,lack of freshness,students leave a negative stereotype of political courses,classroom environment can not give students a positive psychological and emotional experience.The promotion of the affinity of high school ideological and political courses shoul adhere to the basic principles of unity of content and form,unity of theory and practice,unity of the dominant and subject,unity and diversity,and unity of indoctrination and penetration.Under the guidance of these principles,high school political teachers should strengthen the affinity of Marxist theory with the experience of promoting the popularization of Marxist theory in China,and strengthen the ideological and political teachers' own political literacy,business literacy and teacher's professional quality construction according to the "six keys" put forward by General Secretary Xi Innovative teaching methods to improve students' participation and sense of access in the classroom,as well as through the construction of a good teacher-student relationship and positive learning community to create a good classroom psychological atmosphere.
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