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The Practice Research Of Junior Middle School Chinese Experiential Reading Teaching A Case Study Of H Middle School In K City,Xinjiang

Posted on:2022-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306746454584Subject:Chinese international education
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Reading teaching is an important part of Chinese course,and it is one of the important ways to cultivate students' Chinese quality and comprehensive ability.The teaching of Chinese reading in junior middle school has attracted the attention of the educational circles and is the important and difficult point in the current Chinese education.K City in Xinjiang as a concentration of minority areas,junior high school Chinese reading teaching is more complex,will be experienced teaching method applied to Xinjiang junior middle school language teaching reading is an effective method.Experiential teaching method focuses not only on the cognitive development value of teaching,but also on the life development value,Applying it to the Chinese reading class of junior middle school in Xinjiang conforms to the need of the development of Chinese education and embodies the unity of the instrumentality and humanity of the language course.It also reflects the essence of the new curriculum reform,is the key to improve students' Chinese literacy and overall reading level,but also helps to strengthen the ethnic unity and national identity of junior high school students in Xinjiang,cast a strong sense of community of Chinese nation.In Xinjiang region,how to better carry out the junior middle school Chinese experiential reading teaching,enhance the students' subjective consciousness,enhance students' reading learning ability,let students get lifelong development,is worthy of our in-depth study.This article will combine the new curriculum standards and existing textbooks,starting from the relevant theories of experiential teaching method,Through the investigation of the current situation of Chinese experiential reading teaching in junior middle schools in Xinjiang,the author finds out the problems in the teaching and puts forward the corresponding teaching strategies.This thesis consists of six parts: The first part is the introduction.Mainly elaborated the experience teaching method proposed,the selected topic background,selected topic significance,domestic and foreign related research,the theoretical foundation and the research method,based on this proposed selected topic research innovation and the insufficiency.In the first chapter,the core concepts of "experience" and "experiential teaching method" are explained.This paper combs the characteristics of the Chinese experiential reading teaching in junior middle school,and analyzes the application value of the experiential teaching in Xinjiang junior high school Chinese reading teaching.The second chapter is mainly about the current junior middle school Chinese experiential reading teaching status of questionnaire survey,careful combing the survey data,a more comprehensive analysis of the current situation of junior high school language experience reading teaching in Xinjiang.The third chapter,through the questionnaire survey results of students and teachers,analyzes the problems existing in Chinese experiential reading teaching in junior middle schools in Xinjiang,respectively.Further analysis of the reasons,in order to highlight the necessity of this study.The fourth chapter from the experience of reading teaching process,that is,the introduction of experience,strengthen experience,sublimation experience three aspects,for the first line of Xinjiang junior high school Chinese teachers to implement the experiential reading teaching ideas and strategies.The fifth chapter is based on the actual situation of Xinjiang,combined with the concrete implementation strategy proposed in the fourth chapter,In order to verify the effectiveness of the implementation strategy of Chinese experiential reading teaching in junior middle school in Xinjiang,and to conduct in-depth teaching reflection.This study is expected to provide theoretical support for Xinjiang junior middle school Chinese experiential reading teaching and provide valuable reference for teaching practice.At the same time,improve the Xinjiang junior high school students' Chinese literacy and reading ability,promote the development of the Chinese reading teaching level in Xinjiang region,and strengthen the community awareness of the region.
Keywords/Search Tags:experiential teaching method, Junior high school language, Reading teaching, Implementation strategy
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