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A Study On The Present Situation And Demonstration Of Teachers' Professional Development In Private Colleges And Universities In

Posted on:2016-01-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1107330461985591Subject:Vocational and technical education
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Private higher education as a new educational mode gradually restored and developed with the diversity of economic structure since China’s reform and opening up, has become an important part of higher education starting from “Shortage Make-up” of public education. However, private higher education in our country encounters a lot of problems due to various reasons, such as the problem of property rights, financial management, quality of the students, payments of the teachers, faculties of the schools and quality of teaching. These kinds of problems have plagued the sustainable development of private higher education. Among these problems, tackling with the problem of the faculty in private universities is of uppermost priority. The professional development for the faculties directly influences both the teaching quality and the overall strength of private universities.Aiming at cultivating the application-oriented talents, private universities undertake important responsibilities to talents cultivation for the popularization of higher education. Talent training objectives determine the characteristics of higher vocational education so that the faculty must be equipped with the double-quality. Based on the essence of higher vocational education, this article elaborates that teachers of private universities should make plans for their own careers from the dimension of university development, industrial development, social development and personal development to improve the quality that they should have.On the basis of the Guskey’s theory of professional development evaluation and the reality of teacher professional development in private universities, this article constructs the theoretical model and research hypothesis of teacher professional development. Taking the young teachers from 19 private universities in Shanghai as research objects, the survey was implemented in Survey Monkey using JDL, JIG and Intention for Job retention questionnaire and 732 valid questionnaires were collected. After the data test and mathematical analysis by using SPSS software, the related hypotheses are being verified. The Mode for teacher professional development put forward by Guskey is widely used and is quite suitable(H1). The network learning style adopted by private universities should be added to the mode for teacher professional development(H2). The appraisals for the effectiveness of teacher professional development program by the teachers from private universities positively influence the job satisfactory(H3). The appraisals for the effectiveness of teacher professional development program by the teachers from private universities positively influence the intention for job retention(H4). The level of job satisfaction of teachers from private universities positively influences the intention for job retention(H5). The level of job satisfaction of young teachers from private universities plays an intermediary role between teacher professional development and the intention for job retention(H6). According to the survey data and combined with the status quo of private universities in Shanghai, this article puts forward the detailed strategy to establish healthy ecology for the development of private universities and enrich the connotation of teacher professional development.As the author has long been engaged in project planning and management for teacher professional development center, much more dynamic data is used in the research process that could fairly reflect the status quo of faculty construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:private universities, teacher professional development, higher vocational education, empirical study
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