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Study On Mechanism Of Supply Chain Partnership Fatigue

Posted on:2012-06-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330392467617Subject:Business management
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Fatigue is an old field of science which has not been solved yet. It is widelyused in aerospace and aviation engineering. With the development in recent years,the concept of fatigue has gradually developed into the fields of medicine,psychology, sociology, economics, and so on, and it is universally accepted.Supply Chain Partnership (Supply Chain Partnership referred to the SCP) can givecompanies a huge competitive advantage. Conflict exists in the supply chainwidely, which brings uncertainty to the SCP. Practice revolves that, most of theproblems appeared in SCP are accumulated from some small contradiction. Inother words, sustaining weak conflicts bring about sustained accumulation ofdamage, which causes great damage on supply chain cooperation. According to thecurrent theory about conflict, conflict can be divided into strong conflict and weakconflict on the part of conflict intensity. In the short term, weak conflict has noconstructive side. It can be ignored. However, in the long term, continuing weakconflict in a relationship SCP will generate fatigue. Partnership fatigue will bring agreat damage to the SCP, which should be avoided. In this paper, logical reasoningand speculative methods are used to analyze the reasons and process for theformation of the partnership fatigue. The paper uses the way of SEM to analyze theimpact of SCP fatigue factors, and evolutionary game theory to analyze themechanism of fatigue worked on the SCP. And finally it analyzes the applicabilityof the partnership fatigue through case.First of all, the concept of partnership fatigue based on the conflict in supplychain theory is built up. The paper analyzes the causes of fatigue between SCP,builds model for the formation of the SCP fatigue, discusses the stages offormation, the stage of development, the stage of outbreak period, and analyzes thecharacteristics of each stage. According to the fatigue theory, SCP partnershipfatigue curve is constructed. And its function features are analyzed. Secondly,according to the basic ideas of the fatigue theory, SCP partnership fatigueinfluencial factors system are constructed. Model of various influencial factors onpartnership fatigue is deeply built up. Through the analysis of influencial model, mechanism of each factor acted on partnership fatigue is revealed. Using aquestionnaire survey, structural equation models and other methods of multivariatestatistical, assumptions and path model are empirically studied. Again, themechanism of fatigue worked on the SCP is analyzed based on evolutionary gametheory. General model is constructed. The influence of partnership fatigue onsupply chain partnership performance and partnership relationship is demonstrated.Models of fatigue worked on SCP under both the case of non-symmetrical andcontinuous non-symmetric are deeply built up. And the matlab software is applyedto simulate the model. Simulation results can demonstrate the reasonability of themodel. Finally, based on fatigue theory basic norms, normal distribution controlmechanism partnership fatigue life is analyzed. General characteristics ofpartnership fatigue life are revealed. According to three formation stages of fatigue,partnership fatigue control method system is built up. Problem of overcomingpartnership fatigue is solved. And last a company whose supply chain in spaceindustry is used as a case to verify the characteristics of fatigue.The study also reaches a number of innovative conclusions. Conflict theory insupply chain has been expanded, the concept of SCP partnership fatigue has beenconcluded from the angle of the long-term evolution. And model of formationprocess and curve about the SCP partnership fatigue are constructed; Influencialmodel of SCP partnership fatigue factors on fatigue is constructed. Underevolutionary game theory ideas, the paper builds model of fatigue worked on SCP,and constructs different models under different conditions according to differentresearch conditions. The research has developed the content of the fatigue theoryin supply chain and the management of fatigue, and established the theory ofpartnership fatigue in supply chain. The theory is used in the actual situation inChinese manufacturing industry. It provids a theoretical basis for the supply chainmanagement. Conclusion of the study is valuable to improve supply chainmanagement.
Keywords/Search Tags:partnership, mechanism of fatigue, conflict intensity, control strategy
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