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Study On The Impact Of Network Embeddedness On Business Model Innovation In Science And Technology SMEs

Posted on:2019-09-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1369330545470888Subject:Business management
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In the modern society,emerging technologies such as cloud computing,artificial intelligence,Internet of Things,big data and the like are rapidly advancing,and the product life cycle is being shortened.This change has profoundly affected the innovation and transformation of the business philosophy and business model of enterprises and led to a sudden increase in pressure for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.The competition among enterprises has gradually evolved into a competition among network groups which are mainly based on cooperation and increasingly blurred by organizational boundaries,the competitive relationship is more complex,and the degree of competition is increasing.The competition environment of the external market is complicated and full of opportunities and challenges,and the difficulty of maintaining the core competitiveness of enterprises is also increasing.Business model innovation is an effective way to increase value or explore new value in the process of production and operation of enterprises.It has become the main way for companies to adapt to changes in external dynamic environment and achieve sustainable development.The theoretical research and practical exploration of business model innovation have also become an important issue for researchers and managers.With the deepening of economic globalization and the blurring of organizational boundaries,the economic behavior of enterprises is more and more affected by the embedded network.The way of business model innovation has also undergone significant changes,and the emphasis on internal closed innovation has gradually evolved into an open innovation which pays attention to the cooperation and efforts of the network members.How enterprise network embeddedness affects enterprise business model innovation is still in a vague state,that is,there is an urgent need to open up the middle case that network embeddedness has an impact on the innovation of enterprise business model.Through the review of the literature at home and abroad,and based on the theory of resource base,social network,dynamic capabilities and open innovation,this paper combines the existing authoritative research results,takes science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises as the research object,and focuses on the research question of how network embeddedness affects business mode innovation,and explores the mechanism of the impact of network embeddedness on business model innovation in science and technology SMEs from the perspective of dynamic capability.First of all,this paper reviews the domestic and foreign literatures such as network embeddedness,dynamic ability and business model innovation,and sorts out the relevant theoretical foundation.Secondly,based on the research results both at home and abroad,this paper systematically analyzes and discusses the impact of network embeddedness on the innovation of business models,the impact of network embeddedness on dynamic capabilities,the impact of dynamic capabilities on business model innovation,the intermediary role of dynamic capabilities between the network embedding and business model innovation and the regulatory role of environmental dynamics,etc.,and puts forward corresponding research hypotheses,and thus builds the theoretical model of "network embeddedness-dynamic capabilities-business model innovation ".Third,according to the principles and procedures of questionnaire survey,this paper conducts questionnaire design,small sample research and formal questionnaires to collect relevant data.Finally,a series of scientific empirical methods are used to effectively test and verify the hypotheses proposed in this paper.The main conclusions are as follows: First,network embeddedness can have a positive impact on business model innovation.Specifically,both structural embeddedness and relational embeddedness can promote efficiency-centered and novelty-centered business model innovation,and the role of structural embeddedness is greater.Second,dynamic capabilities play an intermediary role between network embeddedness and business mode innovation,that is,Network embedding can have a positive impact on business model innovation by enhancing the dynamic capabilities of enterprises.Third,the regulatory role of environmental dynamics has not been fully validated.Specifically,the dynamic environment plays a positive regulatory role between the structure embeddedness and efficiency-centered business model innovation,and plays a negative regulatory role between the relational embeddedness and efficiency-centered business model innovation,and plays a negative regulatory role between the relational embeddedness and novelty-centered business model innovation,and the regulatory role of dynamic environment is not significant between structural embeddedness and novelty-centered business model innovation.According to the related conclusions,this paper proposes the management enlightenment and suggestion to promote the innovation of business model of science and technology SMEs based on the double perspective of network embeddedness and dynamic capability,hoping to provide some references for science and technology SMEs to innovate business models,and promote enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and environmental adaptability.In addition,it also elaborates the limitations of the research process and the contents to be studied in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network embeddedness, Dynamic ability, Business model innovation, Environmental dynamics, Science and technology SMEs
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