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Mobile Internet Business Model Research Based On The Ability Share

Posted on:2014-10-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In recent years, mobile Internet industry attracts global attention because of amazing development speed and immence innovation ability. Mobile Internet industry is developing toward to the4G era. The popularity of intelligent terminal, the upgrade of mobile network bandwidth and the application of new Internet technology enrich mobile Internet application product, also contribute to the continuous innovation of mobile Internet business model. Telecom operators, internet companies, terminal manufacturers and some enterprises in other industries enter mobile Internet strategically, and try to seize the future dominance of the industry value chain. Although the competition of mobile Internet value chain is more and more incentive, the business models are becoming open increasingly.In China, mobile Internet market elements, such as user base, technology maturity, product richness and innovation diffusion degree, have been developed greatly. However, there are still some problems, such as serious product homogeneity, small customer segments, lacking industrial applications, and insufficient promoting effect on other industries, etc. The business models of mobile Internet companies are still in imitation and exploration phase currently. This dissertation is to study the essential characteristics and the development rule of mobile Internet business model, and to focus on construction and optimization of the ability share business model, which bases on the industry value chain theory. Therefore, this dissertation has theoretical and practical significance. The main contents of this dissertation include the following sections. Firstly, the literatures of business model are summarized, the definition of business model is based on study object and research perspective generally. From theory, the research of definition mainly focuses on internal and external relations, production and organization relations among enterprises and the business model commercial nature. From enterprise practice, it more concerns corporate earnings, operations management, business strategy and other aspects of the business model. Value creation, value delivery, and value realization are summarized to the essence and core function of business model. It further researches enterprise resource theory, capability theory and knowledge theory from the perspective of competitive advantage also. With the development of enterprises, we should pay more attention to ability communication and ability sharing during industry value chain cooperation.Secondly, the new concept competency flow is introduced based on the analysis of the evolution of mobile Internet industry value chain. In addition to the traditional product flow, information flow and value stream, ability share and competency flow have an important role in the new era of broadband mobile Internet value chain. The ability contents include market ability, technical ability, organizational ability, etc. The relationship of competency flow and value stream has correlation and difference. Competency flow is the sources and carriers of value stream. Competency flow is shared by different members of value chain network, is delivered, absorbed and converted, it creates value ultimately. The dissertation analyzes the competing relationship evolution, dynamic game process and Stackelber game process of ability share. The strategy for ability share between enterprises is Nash equilibrium of the game. Ability share among enterprises in dynamic game tends to choose these enterprises as partners, which have strong ability, high efficiency during shareing and transferring ability. The leading enterprises usually have a positive effect on other joint ventures when they input energetically and share actively in ability share activities. The first two parts of the dissertation form the theoretical basis of the study. Then, based on the analysis of business model of mobile Internet, this dissertation studies the ability share business model and also puts forward a business model frame which is consisting of service model, profit model and control model. The ability sharing business model includes the strategy and operating levels which complete value creation, value delivery and value realization. Based on the business model comparison analysis, this dissertation also proposes a new ability sharing business model of mobile internet which constructs an "intelligent pipe+open platform+special products" business model for telecom operators, it also designs its service model, profit model and control model. Furthermore, in the course of ability share and ability enhancement, it suggests that telecom operators should reallocate their ability and resources according to the principles of scale, standard and platform, and establish a closed-loop cycle by the ability sharing platform.Finally, there is an empirical analysis on business case about the internet companies’layout of mobile Internet by entering terminal manufacturing in China. If Internet companies cannot establish an effective model which guarantees sufficient ability share and complementary resources, the development effect is far away from the expectation. At the empirical analysis on the mobile Internet user development of China mobile network operator, empirical result points out that due to different ability level of operator and regions factor, there are important influence on its development, operators should develop various abilities coordinately.This dissertation gets the following main innovation:(1) It puts forward the ability sharing significance of the industry value chain cooperation, studies the mechanism by using dynamic game, main game and decision-making equalization method, analyzes ability factor’s impact on business operation by factor analysis and empirical analysis of panel data model, introduces the new concept of competency to value chain theory. This dissertation establishes the theoretical basis of ability share.(2) It builds the structure of business model which unifies the core functionality and the constituent entities logic, and realizes the unity of the relationship among main elements in business model.(3) Based on the perspective of telecom operators, it builds the ability sharing business model, takes the organic link among core contents, core functions and specific bearing entities in business model, and proposes the mechanism design about the relationship between open platform and moderate control.
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