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The Research Of Pattern Innovation On Rural Public Service Center Of H City Z District

Posted on:2019-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330548966839Subject:Public administration
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Rural public service center is the important carrier of government public service model innovation.To be a important livelihood project,Rural public service center locate its function in servicing rural community,sending public product and service to countryside,and represent the Service-oriented government's value.With the strategy of Rise of Rural China proposed by the central government in the 19th National Congress,also the economy of rural area developing stronger in recent years;the demand for high-quality public service in rural area is ever increasing.Under this background,rural public service center emerged.Through service innovation of "one center,several service,citizen-oriented,diversified participation",rural public service center will help rural public service upgrade.It's accepted by the convenience service model,also greatly improve the rural public service quality.Affected by the imbalance of the regional development for different rural area,and different groups of people have different requirement for public service,some problem emerged during the service process of the Rural public service center,these problem are:faultiness in management system,limited sources of funds,instability of the staff team we need to strengthen the research and exploration in the running mode for rural public service center,and let every policy-making according to the requirement of people,gather the government,social and market organizations,focus on countryside's public service.Through the research,we hope the rural public service center can achieve the desired effect of supplying high-quality service to rural people.In recent years,H city Z district based on the real condition of rural area,with the scientific spirit,established public service center to cover all the population in general,implement the basic Public Services Equalization.This paper through study the establishment and operation status of rural public service center of H city Z district,by adopting on-the-spot investigation,document study,interview,etc.,to explore a innovation way to optimize the process and management,improve the effectiveness,efficiency and service quality,push forward Regularization and standardized for rural service center,help the high-quality public service enter rural area,promote justice and perfect of rural service system,form a driving force for the harmonious new countryside and countryside renovation strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural public service center, Service-oriented government, One-stop service, Operation mode innovation
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