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Research On One-stop Service Of The Government Administrative Service Center In Shahekou District

Posted on:2017-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330533450963Subject:Public administration
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In recent years, facing the rapid development of China's socialist market economy, in order to adapt to the requirements of economic globalization, government management is in an urgent need for a big change. All provinces and autonomous regions are exploring the innovation of government management. Building a service-oriented government has become the goal of government management. The state has issued a series of policies to reform the administrative examination and approval system, the provinces. Municipalities, and autonomous regions are exploring the innovation of public service, and efforts at all levels to build a service-oriented government. Taking "one-stop" or "one-stop government services" approach, this study aimed to build a "one-stop" service model, so as to constantly meet the needs of citizens of various services, reduce the layers of approval, improve the traditional ways and methods of work, so that citizens can make more efficient and in-depth understanding of the government, and the government may get the effective supervision of citizens. At present, there are some problems, and the original system of administrative examination and approval also havs not been changed. In practical work, thinking and understanding are not in place. Lack of effective authorization, limited approval, assessment and incentive mechanism are imperfect factors that have become the highlight problems existing in the "one-stop" government service.Based on this, this paper took Shahekou District government's administrative service center as the main object of study. The purpose of the study is mainly from "public service" and to examine one-stop government services based on "the theory of new public management and government performance theory. Regarding Shahekou District government administrative service center in the running process with the existing problems and reasons, this study put forward countermeasures and suggestions, and strived to explore how to improve the Shahekou District government administrative service center's service function to enhance the government's ability.Through research of Shahekou District government administrative service center on a station type service can not only improve the government administrative service center of a one-stop service, but also provide some reference for similar problems of other district government administrative service centers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Administrative Service Center, One-stop Service, Shahekou District, Service-oriented Government
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