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Research On Land Sustainable Use In Process Of Urbanization

Posted on:2003-03-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065462265Subject:Land Resource Management
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Land is one of the most important natural resources for the human existence and development. It plays a crucial role in the sustainable development of human society. Of all the factors affecting land sustainable use, urbanization is one of the most important. As a matter of fact, many of the problems human faces now in the process of land use are accompanied by the urbanization. This dissertation is aimed to study the mechanism between urbanization and land sustainable use, which may do good to the realization of the sustainable use of land in China.This dissertation can be divided into 9 chapters.Chapter I, the introduction part, puts forward the objective, significance, present research situation at home and abroad, train of thought and the possible innovation points of this research. The unsustainable land use phenomenon are as follows: uncontrolled land use quantity, unbalanced land use structure, deteriorated ecological environment, etc. This dissertation holds the objective of land sustainable use in the process of urbanization mainly focused on two aspects: farmland protection and structure optimization. The above two aspects have a corresponding relationship with city system, city land scale, city inner land use structure and land ecological system, which are also the main aspects for the dissertation to discuss the impact of mechanism of urbanization on land use.Chapter II expounds the theory of land sustainable use. The conceptions, connotations and principles of land sustainable use are given in this chapter. The dissertation thinks that the core of land sustainable use is still the resources optimization allocation, but it differs much from the allocation in the traditional meaning. These differences lies in the challenge to the hypothesis of "economic person", changes in people's values and views about wealth , allocation-dimensional requirements, allocation objectives, etc. Based on these, the dissertation analyzes the six factors: resources abundance, environment capacity, population element, economy development, technology improvement and institution transition, which all affect land sustainable use to some degree.Chapter III makes a general analysis of the relationship between urbanization and land use. The process of urbanization is always accompanied by land use changes, including land use quantity structure, land use spatial structure, land use function structure, and economic, social, ecological attributes. After that, the dissertation discusses the impact of urbanization on land use from the angle of urbanization phases, urbanization motive force mechanism, and pre- and post-urbanization. At different phases of urbanization, the land use shows different characteristics, and many of the phenomena can be explained by the substitution ratio of land for capital. The urbanization motive force mechanism comprises two forms: top-down urbanization and bottom-up urbanization. This two forms not only affect the way of land allocation, but also the allocation results. Pre- and post-urbanizationhave different impacts on the land use, for the existence of post-effect, the post-urbanization countries can evade problems which pre-urbanization countries met in the land use process before.Chapter IV discusses the relation between urbanization and land use from macro-perspective of urban system. In the process of urbanization, the urban system has been improved. This process is reflected in the following three fields: urban spatial structure, urban scale structure and urban function structure, which all affect land use deeply. The perfection of urban spatial structure-makes the zoning of land use change, and accordingly the production activity changes on the land. The impact of urban scale structure on land use is mainly shown as the different land use efficiency, which is reasonable under economic system, although it may be unreasonable from the perspective of land use. Urban function structure will make the reasonable function-division among cities and affects land use in the following field...
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