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A Study On Model And Methods Of Technological Innovation In Steel Companies

Posted on:2005-11-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122482199Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The study of theory and method about new technology innovation is a vital study task in current management science field. This thesis studied the fruits of technology innovation's theories and methods, analyzed the problems of technology innovation in our country's steel enterprises. On the base of these, the thesis applied the management idea of integration/systemization to study new technology innovation's theories and idiographic techniques that faced our country's steel enterprises, the primary research fruits as follows:First, the thesis discussed the basic contents of all kinds of strategy ideas about technology and product innovation, analyzed the basic requests on technology innovation strategy in building ecology enterprise. This thesis built the system structure based on the integration strategy which founded on ecology technology innovation, studied the game way of product competition facing enterprise zoology strategy.Secondly, the thesis analyzed the characteristic during large complex product development process, studied virtual organization technology framework about technology innovation of steel enterprise, virtual organization environment's economy and technology innovation cooperation mode founded on virtual organization. Next, the thesis studied profit allocation model grounded on negotiation way. Thirdly, the thesis expatiated on the technology innovation's basic mode and the meaning of product combination innovation, put forward index system of new product evaluation and the model of combination product selection based on nerve network and mathematics programming.Fourthly, the thesis analyzed new product development process,associating management technology and the CIMS characteristic of steel enterprise. At above these, this article bring forward the structure frame about integration management technology and information technology supporting system in concurrent environment. Fifthly, on deeply analyzing steel enterprise's technology innovation process, the thesis investigated the evaluating methods of enterprise innovation ability, applied DEA method evaluating lifecycle cost of new product.Finally, the thesis studied Tianjin Steel Group Company's technology, analyzed its innovation strategy and model, and summarized achievements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Steel, Ecology, Technique innovation strategy, New product combination, Virtual organization
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