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Research On City Development Theory Based On The Spatial Structure Theory

Posted on:2005-11-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122485653Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Since our reform and opening-up policy was implemented, companied with the development of economy and society, urbanization of our country has obtained substantial progress.Enhancing the urbanization has been the call of economic development and social progress, the inevitable choice to adjust the economic structure and optimize the regional structure of production factor, the strategically act to start-up internal needs, to bring along economic increase and change the deflation situation.But we must aware of the situation that, compared with the requirement of modernization, advanced level in abroad or the practical needs of people, the level of our country's urbanization is very slow.Many conflicts are acute.The main problems such as: the progress of urbanization is obviously lag than industrialization, the core competencies of the city is not strong enough, the cohesion of the city is not big enough to radiate the near area, the intention to manage the city is not strong etc. All these problems deserved to be studied deeply.Aimed at resolving the problems above, based on the summing-up of previous research, this paper summarizes the district economic development theory, district development layout theory, industrial agglomeration theory, district competitive advantage theory, and modern urbanization theory.In the paper, we use the spatial structure theory to study the urban management, point out the problems in the urban management and countermeasures to resolve them.According to the practical situation of fund deficit for city construction, we investigate many financing styles. We also set up the city core competencies evaluation index system and point out the countermeasures to heighten the urban core competence.In the last of the paper, based the spatial structure theory, we make some quantitative investigations, embodied the combination of quantitative research and qualitative research.
Keywords/Search Tags:spatial structure theory, urbanization, urban management, core competence
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