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Analysis Of The Utilization Of The Urban Land

Posted on:2005-10-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122488747Subject:Use of agricultural resources
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Cities are so special areas on the earth's surface that they have higher density of the population when compared with other kinds of geographical areas. The actions of human beings in cities are the most active. So the most impressive effects from human being to their SUIT ounding could be reflected in cities. The important social and economical activities of human exists and the most reasonable and fantastic founds and civilizations of human concentrate in cities. Since every kind of constructive activities of human beings must be undertaken in a special space of land, land has been the substantial carrier for people to construct cities. The modern cities are becoming bigger and bigger along with the citified steps and the population exploration. On the other hand, enough cultivatable land, pasture and forest must be conserved for people surviving, and only the rest "usable land" can be used as the address of new city or the potential area for the city's developing. So the area for city to exploit is very limited. Especially in China, where the heaviest population live on the limited area, the conflict-enlarging city and protecting farmland is becoming more and more obvious and challenging. How to resolve the conflict, and how to get the bafence of "eating" and "building" are becoming so important that they not only affect the sustainable development of the country, but also relate with the survival of the whole nation.The following are the results from the unreasonable utilization for the city area: food producing become more difficult because of the excessive declining of farmland; management of the land resources turn to be unmarketable and the land is fallowed and wasted; the ecological crisis could be aroused and the exist and development of the city be threaten because of the destroying of the ecological balance; the improvement of social economy and quality of people's life is seriously banned by the unnatural shortage of the land supply, or the abnormal increase of the land price; the outline of a city couldn't be impressive, or the aesthetic value couldn't be carry out on account for the monotony in the city's construction, etc. Too much lessons show that we must pay more attention on the research of the utilization of the city's land in order to make scientific, forecasting and reasonable principles, laws and policies to regulate activities for people planning and exploiting city land. The most important thing, which must be remembered and understood, for the sustainable utilization of the city area is that the subject of the sustainable development is "the human being", and the core is the "develop", and the main goal is "coordinate", which means the harmony of the human and land in the exploiting of the city land.Because of the core-the "development" in the construction of city, the sustainability must be showed and realized on the philosophy idea, on the management and land planning, on the effort of the harmony of the land and people, on the efficiency of land resource collocation, on the aesthetic value and the pursuit to higher spirit in the construction of a city. This paper, which take thesustainable utilization of the city land as its main clue, analysis the basic thoughts, the space management, the ecological harmony, the applied efficiency and aesthetic value in the utilization of city land according to the knowledge of philosophy, geography, ecology, economy and aesthetics. Firstly, analyzing the basic thoughts in utilizing the urban land - Philosophy The subject of sustainable development is human being, the same as the sustainable utilization. So the utilization of the city area reflects the relationship between people and the nature. The thought, whether the land and people are depend each other, or people rule the land, will decide directly the final results for utilizing the city land. The characteristic that people can use the land according their need shows the initiative ability for human to use the land; on the other hand, there exists the passivity for people to...
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