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Research On The Theory Of Save-water Ecological Agriculture System And Institutional Revolution

Posted on:2005-07-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125969093Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The important obstacle of agricultural sustainable development is water resource in Xinjiang. On the one hand, water resource is scarce; the area of oasis covers nearly 4.2 per cent of the total land in Xinjiang, the scarcity rate of water resource of human being is 15.6 percent, and that of domestic animal is 24.5 percent, the pressure index of water resource is 0.65 for socioeconomic development. Because of lacking water resource, ecological environment have steadily been deteriorated, the cover rate of forest is only 1.69 percent. On the other hand, because of having been made unreasonable use of water, water is greatly wasted, the utility coefficient of canal irrigation is about 0.45, the method of agricultural irrigation is backward, the unreasonable irrigation mode raise groundwater lever, lead to salinization of soil. Result of water factor, ecological environment have become sandy wasteland, deteriorate and salinization. These factors greatly restricted agricultural sustainable development. So, the model of save-water ecological agriculture is essential choice in Xinjiang. It abide to ecological rule, economic rule to develop, by mean of modern agricultural scientific skill and modem scientific management mode, measuring composite save-water skill to raise efficiency of material circulation and conversion of energy, to sustain increase of productivity, to protect agricultural resource in agricultural system. Its purpose is "high output, high efficiency, good quality, low waste". It is a complicate systematic project, it is supported with modem industry and modem scientific managemental mode, also guided with lots of science, example agronomy, forestry, ecology, resource science, environmental science, social science etc, especial the research of element coupling rule, optimum design of structure, objective evaluation method etc. These researches base on investigation analysis of save-water ecological agriculture model in experiment unit. Beyond the bounds of biology, ecology, economics, social science etc, combining with systematic, institutional economics etc. the essay put forward an original idea of the theory system of save-water ecological agriculture. Under guide with this theory, beginning from quantitative analysis of save-water ecological agricultural irrigation skill revolution research, according to ecological agriculture standard to design, to promote good circulation of ecological environment. But, save-water ecological agriculture sustainable development only dependence on irrigation skill is not enough. So, the key to protecting save-water ecological agriculture is incentive institution. Through institutional revolution protect the application efficiency of skillrevolution. The research of institutional revolution begin from policy, benefit incentive institution, managemental system, business accounting institution etc, and design some alarm indictor system and assessment system for manager. Through institutional arrangement, promote peasant voluntary taking part in this act. The important aim of save-water ecological agriculture is accomplishing the unity of economic benefit, social benefit, ecological benefit, environmental benefit and landscape benefit, enhancing agricultural competitiveness, laying a foundation for accomplishing rural socioeconomic sustainable development.
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