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Study On The System Frame-Work Of Technical Standards For China Industrial Agriculture

Posted on:2006-08-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152492373Subject:Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
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Agricultural establishment with facilities developed very quickly in China in last 10 years. The primary agricultural productions manufactured in facilities are becoming more intensivismlization, standardlization and industrialization. The producing maner is changing from land-denseness to finace-denseness and labour-denseness. But the researching work for technical standard system is lag after agricultural industrializations. The establishments with facilities are out of plant demands or animal needs. There were even less technical standards to reference. There was too much energy demand, without less security protection and poor environment protection. The agricultural output was not satisfied with the usual purpose yet. This program was just put out under these conditions of society and economy. The study ensured the objects and its extension of agricultural industrialization. The standards' objects included buildings, crafts, test methods, management and so on. They would be arranged in series as a standard system with uniform, simple, coordinating and advancing. The system could benefit the agro-industrialization producing.Firstly, the staff analyzed the status of technician and its standardizations. The program found an industrial agriculture standard system frame based on the research work of national technical standard stratagem. It was the first one to settle and analysis the agricultural industrial standards system in full-scale. The study had given the birth to agricultural industrialization in China. It would be an unconstraint standard system introduced by the Government. It was imagined to carry out step by step in order to meet the requirement of upgrade for China agricultural industrialization.Secondly, the staff has put up a standard system frame-work of agricultural industrialization. There were more than 200 standards items in system, involved elements term, craftwork, project construction, design, devotions, output, testing, management, communication and authentication in producing tache. Every standard item has a given name, and its property, requirements, rang and work-periods were given also. The study settled the principle, theory, and methods. The most basical materials were offered for another one to develop the standard system for agricutural industrialization.Thirdly, one image was figured out to carry on the technical standards system for agricultural industrialzation. The study suggusted that China should find a special committee for agricultural industrialization standards to build and manage the system frame-work. The standardlization system needed a big research staff which could devote into standardization. Some demonstration should be taken in while the research works were carrying out. The system strived for more technical research work and investment. It would be availability to unite some enterprises to put the standard in practice. The scheme suggested people to contact and communicate with international orgnizations for standardization's and developed countries in agricultural industrialization. It was necessary for us to put up a well arranged standards system-work for agricultural industrialization with choise,emphase, and arrangment which should keep up with the situation of the country. The standard system would play an important role in China agricultural industrialization and its upgrade. It would be a safeguard of total amount and quality of agricultural products for China.
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