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Research On The Quality Management Of Basic Research Project

Posted on:2005-01-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y G JiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152965775Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The quality management of R&D project is gradually being paid attention by scholar. But because its peculiarities are totally different from the quality peculiarities of normal product and service, the modern management theories and technical implements based on SPC cannot be used directly for quality management of R&D project. Basic research project is a kind of R&D project with complicated quality. There are not a uniform criterion and evaluating methods for basic research project. The researching work of quality management theories and related technology is needed. The current quality management theories and practice are combined with project management in this paper. The researching work of R&D project management theories and methods includes how to plan, guarantee, control and improve project quality. The management of R&D project is based on process approach. It is conceived that process designing, process controlling and process improving are the way to get high quality. Theories and technical implements innovations are provided for R&D project expressly for basic research project. Integration of QFD and LFA is applied for the planning of process network. The technic of support vector machines (SVM) is created for metric of the process of R&D. The model used for evaluating the quality of R&D project is set up. This paper emphasizes that continual improving, system construction and culture environment are important for the quality of R&D project. Aiming at the present situation of the R&D project quality in China, benchmarking is proposed for basic research project and the countermeasures of improving R&D project quality are expounded.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quality Management, Project Management, R&D, Process Approach, Basic Research
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