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Administrative Reforms In The Context Of Globalization

Posted on:2006-12-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The 16th CPC National Congress proposed to construct a well-off-in-all-rounds society, with primary aims to develop socialist democratic politics and to construct socialist political civilization. To intensify administrative reform is an essential part of the construction of socialist political civilization. Nowadays, the surge of globalization all over the world generated new challenges. In order to meet these challenges, governments of different nations began to implement administrative reforms. Therefore, it is of great significance, both in practice and in theory, to study Chinese administrative reform in the era of globalization.Guided by Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiao-ping Theory, and "Three Represent's" important thought, combining normative analysis with positive analysis, political analysis with ecological analysis, mis dissertation analyzed the influence of globalization on government management, retrospected to the history of the western public administration. It focused on the anatomy of the theoretical basis and content tendency of western administrative refonn in the era of globalization, elucidated the history, the chief achievements, and the problems of Chinese administrative refonn. By comparing Chinese and western administrative reforms, it explored the similarities and differences and made some meaningful findings. Based on the above analysis, it put forward, originally and creatively to some extent, the aims and approaches to intensifying Chinese administrative reform.The dissertation consists of an introduction and five chapters.The introduction explained succinctly the theme and the starting point of this study, defined and discussed the "Chinese administrative reform" and related research and studies. It claimed that the essence of Chinese administrative refonn is to realize the government transformation from economic-construction-oriented to public service-oriented. It also explained the main purpose and methodology of the study, and the structure of the dissertation.Chapter 1 described the connotation and fundamental features of globalization. The essence of globalization is a changing social tendency, in which factors such as telecommunication, information, service, labor, ecology, products flow freely between nations, and as a result, culture, education, technology, government and society interact with each other. Besides, it discussed the influence of globalization on government management. First, globalization requests the government to make ideological adjustment to the era. Second, it requests adjustment in the government functions. Third, it brings about professionalization of public administration and internationalization of public administrative functions. Fourth, it contributes to the cooperative relations between government of different nations. Fifth, it requests the government to strengthen its interior vigor and exterior supervision. Sixth, it requests the government to learn from the enterprise management, etc.Chapter 2 started from exploring the history of western public administration, and expounded the theoretical basis and content strategy of western administrative reform. The theoretical basis consists of public selection theory, new public management theory, entrepreneur government theory and management theory. And the contents include reform of government institutions, of budget, of civil service, of relations between the central and local government, etc.Chapter 3 first retrospected to the five administrative reforms since our reform and opening to the outside. Great improvement was made in transformation of government functions, administration according to the law, making government affairs public, constructing democratic participation system, construction of electronic government affairs and construction of a clean and honest administration. However, there are still some problems to be solved, such as administrative-approval-type of management, overcharge in fees and fines, lack of government functions, overlaps in systems. Then the causes of these problems were analyzed.Chapter 4 compared the Chinese and western administrative reforms and found out somesimilarities: the value orientations were both to straighten up the relations between government and market, the essential appeals were both to transfer power to a lower level, the scopes both covered all aspects of government management, the processes were both gradual. However, there were obvious differences. First, the starting points were different The western administrative reforms were a surpassing over bureaucracy; while our reforms were not for such purpose, in some degree, they introduced some factors in bureaucracy to reform the current government instrumentality. Second, the bases of reforms were different The main task of western reforms is to reduce government intervention and fully exert market mechanism functions. While in China, the main task is, on one hand, undoubtedly to reduce government intervention, and on the other, to emphasize government functions. Third, the stages of reforms were different hi the western countries, reforms were based on well-developed productivity, while in China, on under-developed productivity. Therefore, administrative reform in China should learn from, but not copy, the experience of developed western countries.Chapter 5 first proposed the aim of intensifying Chinese administrative reform, that is to construct public service-oriented government The features of such government are under the rule of law, responsible, efficient and transparent According to the aim and features, some approaches to intensifying Chinese administrative reform were suggested.Based on the ideology of political ecology, by combining methodology of normative analysis with positive analysis, this dissertation analyzed and reflected on the background of the Chinese administrative reform, and proposed the aims and approaches of administrative reform. It is a dissertation with originality, pertinence and operability.
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