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Study On The Public Demand-oriented And Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2009-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245980639Subject:Administrative Management
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Expediting reform of our administration system and constructing service-oriented government is the important orientation for our country's political reform. This reform not only transforms ruling government to public service-oriented government, but also further transforms supply-oriented government management to demand-oriented government management simultaneously. Since the government's leading authority comes from people jurisprudentially, the political system of our country featured with the relatively centralized authority. However the superior approvals and authorizations are still the fundamental methods in promoting and instating cadres in real political life in our country. Thereby several leaders devote themselves to showing political achievements, as if the governments have provided many public goods for the society, in order to please the superior leaders and organizations. Thus it leads to centralizing public resources to build achievements project, image project and face project which can not meet the ordinary demand of populace. In fact, this is a kind of supplies-oriented government management. Therefore constructing service-oriented government requests that the government should attach great importance to not only providing public service, but also providing public service which meets the public demands, all what is the essence of service-oriented government. To construct public demand oriented and service-oriented government, we should cultivate government officials' political morals, radiate correct benefit guidance institutionally, establish cadre inspection, promotion and assign system which is based on public satisfaction and social economic development, public policy decision-making mechanism as well as reasonable government responsibility system. All of these are very important institutional arrangements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, Public-demand-oriented, Administration system reform, Performance-management
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