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Public Service In The Process Of Government Transformation In China

Posted on:2008-01-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Government transformation is the macro-background of public service system to analysis and construction. Globalization, new public management movement abroad, and the comprehensive change and imbalance in economic-social development at home have composed the background of government transformation. Government transformation refers to the change of the stable model and motivate diagram of government, that is, the transformation of government pattern. And government pattern means the stable structure and motivate process that displayed through executive elements such as idea, system and method of government administration, in which the government function is the core. At present, the goal of government transformation in China is transfer from an economic development government to a public service government, which means a new pattern of government directed by scientific development concept, consists in the all round development of economic and society, with a scientific recognition of the role of government, dominated by the function of public service, promotes the refinement of market economy, and devotes to enhance the performance of public service. The main substance of constructing a public service government is to emphasize the function of public service, build and complete the system of public service. Hence, we should construct a analysis structure that adopt public service concept as its theoretical direction, business rights and financial rights as its right basis, market rule as its conduction rule, and the social equity as its terminal value, in order to carry out a rational analysis on problems of public service system, and therefore propose strategy and approach for the construction of public service system.The reform and development of public service can not go without the support of theory. The theoretical basis of public service in China is the new public management and new public service theory which mainly transplanted from abroad. New public management movement devotes to refine the economic function of government, which advocates the market approach in the conduction of public service, and believes that the introduction of market mechanism will improve the effectiveness of public service. New public service theory, however, stand on the basis of critics and reflection, consists that civilians should be put in the centre. It concerns more about the development and democratic participation of civilian. In front of this, government of all levels in China should maintain the theoretical quality of prudential and rational; in order to borrow ideas appropriately form aboard on a basis of insightful observation and understanding. Meanwhile, the service thought of Chinese Communist Party, which mainly include the government public function principles of Maxism, the "serve the people" thought of Mao Zedong, the "leadership is service" thought of Deng Xiaoping, the "three representations" thought of Jiang Zemin, and the scientific development idea and harmonic society thought of the new generation of CCP leaders, also provides inner spiritual driving force for the reform and development of public service.The administrative rights and financial rights are the prerequisite of administrative responsibility and financial basis of public service. The administrative rights and financial rights here refer to the division of responsibility, duty and financial power between various levels of government during the process of carrying out public service. Refine the distribution of administrative rights and financial rights in public service is the prerequisite and basis of the construction of public service reform. And the critical point is to identify the function of government and market properly, insists the market first and local first principle, divide the administrative rights and financial rights between the central government and local governments properly, keep the administrative rights and financial rights in balance, and make responsibility, power and benefit united. At present, there is an imbalance in the structure of administrative rights and financial rights among different levels of government. And which has led to a situation that administrative rights moving downward while financial rights moving upward, and therefore caused serious financial difficult in basic level government and inadequate investment in public service. This system symptom attributes to the various levels of local government, who stick in departmentalism, play imbalance financial and taxation games in a environment lack of legislation security.The marketization of public service is the basic conduction mode of the public service system. The public service function of government is to meet the demands of the public, provide them with the necessary public commodities and services. The market nature of public commodity determined that government can in some extent carry out its public service function through the market mechanism. For instance, in order to get rid of government crisis, western countries such as UK and US, has adopted market instruments in forms of contract rent, public-private cooperation, denationalization, and the user pay principle, which has not only improved the efficiency of government public service, but also reduced the cost. At the same time, these actions also caused some negative effects such as the emergence of new private monopolization, lost of public responsibility and social inequity. In recent years, China has started to break the governmental-monopolization, introduce market mechanism into public service. These efforts of primary marketization made in a condition of uncompleted market system will inevitably cause various problems. Deliberate analysis on the realistic problems in the process of marketization reform in China as well as borrow the successful experiences of foreign countries will undoubtedly promote the perfection of the market system of public service in China.Social equity which is could be seen as the permanent basic value and basic rule of conduction in the human society is the rational value in public service system. In the intellectual history, Mill's utilitarianism and John Rawls's theory of justice is the most powerful thought in social equity. China should adopt the service thought of CCP as its direction, absorb the essence of foreign theory of justice, and stick to the principle of "efficiency first and equity second", to provide basic and effective public service and therefore promote the social equity. In the process of government transformation, various deeper contradictions are emerging from economic and social field; gaps between various social groups are being enlarged. In the basic public service field, especially education, medical care and social security, the inequity is becoming more and more obvious. In response to this, we should perfect the function of all levels of government, build up a public service-oriented financial system, and give more emphasis on transfer payment, pursuit the equalization of basic public service in national wide.The construction of public service system is the core aim of building a public service-oriented government, and it is also a cutting edge of deepening the reform of administrative system. Completion of the market system is the prerequisite of building up a socialism public service system, and the construction of socialism public service system will gain wider supports for marketization reform. All levels of government in China should weigh the priority order and break through the critical point, stand by the side of the disadvantage group, rural area and western area, build up a government directed, society participated public service system with proper competition and strong supervision. The system construction of public service includes specific arrangement as well as the provision of basic system environment. At present, the construction of public service system should build upon the basis of public service-oriented government, with its main task as dissolve mechanical obstacles, found professional public service organizations at all levels, apply a all-round supporting reform strategy which features the multi-interaction between government, market and society; build up a public service-oriented financial system which distribute the administrative rights and financial rights properly among government levels; perfect public service market mechanism, promote the multi-subjects and fair competition rule, enforce the performance-based public service management and avoid the malfunction of media-agency; apply the public service equalization policy, enlarge the strength and scope of transfer payment, realize the ideal that every one has access to basic and equal public service.
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