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Evaluation And Analysis Of New Public Service Theories

Posted on:2009-08-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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New public management, a sport has arisen in main developed countries in the west since the eighties of the 20th century. This reform sport quickly expands to almost all developed countries and some developing countries in the 90's in 20 centuries. The new public management is in the ascendant within the scope of world, while New New public service appeared as a kind of new public administration mode in criticizing the former in recent years. New New public service point out that the function of government is service rather than steering. It provided direct theories basis and new perspective for the construction of service-oriented government.New public service theories is a kind of new of public administration theories that famous American administration learners, the Reinhardt's based it on introspect to new public management theories, especially aim at criticizing the blemish of the essence of new public management theories—entrepreneur government theories. So-called New public service, it means a set of ideas about the role of public administration in the governance system that places citizens at the center. New public service theories essentially is a development of new public manage theories that it tries to admit the importance of new public management for contemporary practice of public management and discarding the inherit defects of an entrepreneur government. New public service surmounts actually new public management, not just simple deny, but develop the useful and discard the useless of new public management. New public service put forward and establish of a new kind theory that pays more attention to value of democracy and public benefits. It is more suitable for the development of modern citizen society and the practice of public management.Certainly the New public service can lay claim to an impressive intellectual heritage. However, here we will focus on more contemporary precursors of the New public service. New public service, takes democratic citizenship, community and civil society, organizational humanism and post-modern discourse theory as its foundation.The New public service theory includes several basic standpoints as follows: 1. Serve, rather than steer. An increasingly important role of the public servant is to help citizens articulate and meet their shared interests, rather than to attempt to control or steer society in new directions. 2. The public interest is the aim, not the by-product. Public administrators must contribute to building a collective, shared notion of the public interest. The goal is not to find quick solutions driven by individual choices. Rather, it is the creation of shared interests and shared responsibility. 3. Think strategically, act democratically. Policies and programs meeting public needs can be most effectively and responsibly achieved through collective efforts and collaborative processes. 4. Serve citizens, not customers. The public interest results from a dialogue about shared values, rather than the aggregation of individual self-interests. Therefore, public servants do not merely respond to the demands of "customers", but focus on building relationships of trust and collaboration with and among citizens. 5. Accountability isn't simple. Public servants should be attentive to more than the market; they should also attend to statutory and constitutional law, community values, political norms, professional standards, and citizen interests. 6. Value people, not just productivity. Public organizations and the networks in which they participate are more likely to succeed in the long run if they are operated through processes of collaboration and shared leadership based on respect for all people. 7. Value citizenship and New public service above entrepreneurship. The public interest is better advanced by public servants and citizens committed to making meaningful contributions to society rather than by entrepreneurial managers acting as if public money were their own. The New public service theory thinks that the public official and citizens who would like contributes to the society can even promote public benefits than those public governors who have entrepreneur's spirit. Public administration leadership not only need to share a power, to work by people, to resolve a public problem, but also position oneself as responsible participant or forwarder in the management process rather than an entrepreneur who just pays attention to exaltation rate of production and satisfy the customer's demand.The New public service expanded not only the theoretical foundation of public management research but also the means of public management. The New public service is the latest development of public administration, but the New public service didn't end new public management.New public service is the revolution of government management that developed country carry on to face the challenge of industrial society and economic globalization. New public service theory is a surmounting of new public management theories based on constructive introspectiveness and judgment. It isn't a simple negation, but it is to develop the useful and discard the useless of new public management. More importantly, the New public service theories can effectively connect with the principle of service-oriented government construction and directly provide effective theoretical support for it to some extent. New public service is of an extremely realistic apocalypse and reference meaning to Chinese services-oriented government construction. Analyzing the concrete circumstance of current Service-oriented Government construction in our country, we think New public service can be used for reference by drawing lessons from administration reform in our country. Setting out from concept foundation and worth system of New public service combining it with the actuality of our country, we can find present condition, achievement and problem of the service -oriented government construction in our country.In many respects, New public service provided the construction of service-oriented government with direct theories instruction and explicit leading of development direction. Some principles of the New public service and the construction of service-oriented government in China are alike in the some aspects, just like guiding thought etc. The New public service can give the following apocalypse to the construction of the Chinese service-oriented government: 1. Service administration rather than control administration, the New public service think that the government should serve and don't be to steer and the Chinese government working talent should be also changed toward the service administration by control administration; 2.democracy administration, service public benefits rather than personal benefits. the Chinese government ought to strengthen the construction of democracy; 3.responsibility administration, construct an overall responsibility government, Chinese government change from non-responsibility government into responsibility government; 4.citizen sovereignty rather than customer sovereignty, the Chinese service-oriented government should make efforts to contribute the citizen more and to guarantee civic rights; 5.rule of law administration, persisting in administration by law, this is very important to guarantee the construction of Chinese service-oriented government; 6. Humanism administration, insist on taking people as the center, this also matches Chinese government's policy to make people as the center and keep on the principle of the sustainable development; 7. Electronic administration, to construct electronic government, this is the guarantee of construction technique and methods of Chinese service-oriented government.The New public service is a kind of new public administration theories and practice mode. Complying with the trend of the global administration reform, building service-oriented government becomes the common understanding of the governments at all levels in China. The construction of service-oriented government obtained certain result and also existed some problems in China. The New public service has provided construction of service-oriented government with an important theories terrace and new angle of view for us. This helps us to expand visual field, perfect the further construction of service-oriented government in China. There is no doubt that as the future government model we are pursuing. However, the research and practice of service-oriented government in China is still in the start. It is impossible for government to accomplish the service-oriented government in the complete meaning over a night. It is gradual process to construct, develop and perfect service-oriented government.New public service can directly and effectively support the construction of Chinese service-oriented government, and New public service thus has extremely realistic enlightenment and reference for it. The construction of service-oriented government should draw lessons from New public service, and perform service administration, democracy administration, responsibility administration, humanism administration and electronic administration etc.
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