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Analysis Based On The New Public Service, The Service-oriented Government Building

Posted on:2007-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360185484020Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, complying with the trend of the global administration reform, building service-oriented government becomes the common understanding of the governments at all levels in China. However, there is no doubt that as the future government model we are pursing, the research and practice of service-oriented government in China is still in the start As a result, the lack of theory, the theory lagging behind the practice restrain from the process of constructing our service-oriented government greatly at presentUnder the extensive influence of the theory and practice of New Public Management in the worldwide since 1980s, there is an obvious tendency of New Public Management academically on the research of service-oriented government in China at present This paper, however, through the comparative analysis theoretically between New Public Service and New Public Management, holds that though New Public Management leads to the direction of service-oriented government, the inherit defects of the theory itself and the low level of reformation guided by the theory make it unable to take the responsibility of guiding and supporting the practice of building the service-oriented government alone. On the contrary, the excessive pursuit of Instrumental ration and superstitious belief of market mechanism make it move towards the reverse side of its own goal even in certain. New Public Service surmounts New Public Management by the constructive reflections theoretically on it and realizes the return from 'managerialism' to 'constitutionalism'. Based on the above analysis, it is worm discussing that building our service-oriented government on the basis of the ideas of New Public Management and equating simply the reform objective of service-oriented government in China with Businesslike Government under the pattern of New Public Management reform. Furthermore, based on the perspective of New Public Service, this paper try to discusses the basic problems, such as the basic idea, characteristics and the direction of our reform on the building of service-oriented government in China, in accordance with the logical clue that what is service-oriented government, why do it and how to do itThe paper is composed of three parts: introduction, body and conclusion.In the introduction, the author gives a brief discussion and summary on the research...
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