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Research On The Service-oriented Government Functions Guided By Marxist Governmental Theory

Posted on:2010-06-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360302967453Subject:Marxism in China
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To build a service-oriented government is the goal of reforming our government. The key to building a service-oriented government lies in the transformation of government functions. Government functions of socialist countries must conform to the principles and theory of Marxist government. The theory of Marxist government functions must be further organized and systematically developed so that they can provide theoretical basis for our proposing to build a service-oriented government. This is a kind of theoretically traced, which will provide theoretical and practical guidance for our service-oriented government to deal with the relationship between government and market, government and society. At the same time, it will serve our socialist construction in economy, politics, culture and society. The theory of service-oriented government functions, which is proposed in accordance with the combination of China's present condition and phasic characters of socio-economic development, not only inherit but also creatively and practically develop the theory of Marxist government functions. Service-oriented government, which innovates government operating mechanism, further develops the idea that state power is enjoyed by the people. Service-oriented government functions benefit all the people by equalizing the basic public service, highlighting citizens' dominant role in government management. Standardizing governmental authority by means of construction in thought and system, the service-oriented government fulfills the purpose that people's government is for the people. The service-oriented government performs not only its governmental economic function in condition of general market economy, but also some special economic functions that only socialist government has. Thus socialist economic foundation can be consolidated. The political function of the service-oriented government realize the transformation of governing way from rule to democracy, providing stable and energetic social order , which is the basic political function of a service-oriented government. The function of . organizing and realizing citizens' democratic rights, one of its political functions, is a feature of the times. The social function of the service-oriented government realizes the transformation from control to service so that the social basis of its governmental authority can be strengthened and the equalization of the basic public service can be justly and systematically arranged, thus forming a social management system which is led by the government and participated by social organizations. Mastering the leadership of culture is a prerequisite for a government to perform its cultural function. Guaranteeing the people's rights and interests in culture is a primary mission for a service-oriented government. It is not only a new task butalso a new mission for the service-oriented government to elevate the soft power of national culture and safeguard its safety. In order to promote the transformation of service-oriented governmental functions, the government itself must be reformed, that is, to promote the transformation of governmental function by accountability system, to enhance government's efficiency by optimizing its organization and structure, to lower its administrative cost by transforming government functions. Government functions can be optimized by constructing a divided and complementary relationship between the Party and the government. The idea that government is of and for the people can be embodied in the service-oriented government by transforming and innovating its government functions, which will ensure its government function and the socialist market economy as well as its democratic politics can be adapted with each other.
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