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Government Organization Reform Under The Guidence Of Service Oriented-Government Theory

Posted on:2011-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305950650Subject:Political Theory
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Service-oriented government theory is the latest achievements of modern public administration which studies on public governance. According to the theory, it is necessary to redefine the role of government within society function. In order to explore the nature of their public service, we have to review public power in the social relation, such as citizen, business and so on. According to the analysis of service-oriented government theory, the government is an organizational entity of political system, as well as the public administration which bears the responsibility for citizen and society. Such democratic rights accord with the development trend of the dominant value in the modern society. To build a service-oriented government should be the main target of governmental reform and development in our country, which also accords with the development rules of our society.This paper examined the reality of the development situation of framework reformation of Chinese government, and attempts to explore countermeasures of building a public service-oriented government. Then, the paper reviews the theory of service-oriented government. Following the principle of simplification, uniformity and efficiency and meeting the requirements of coordination in decision-making, execution and supervision, this paper summarizes the standards of the service-oriented government. In the fourth chapter, this paper discusses the right direction of the government reformation under the guidance of service-oriented. In the end of this paper, the author attempt to analysis on the sixth reformation of the system of service-oriented government, and put forward a series of problem-solving measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:New public administration, Service-oriented government, Governmental agencies, Larger sector system
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