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On The Construction Of Contemporary Chinese Government's Image From The Perspective Of Crisis Management

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The government's image is not only the reflection of government's comprehensive capacity, but also the harmonious interactive relation which the government adopts to social development and public requirements. In this sense, the government's image embodies the issue of validity and legitimacy. The improvement of government's image means the government's perfection and development, as well as the enhancement of the social political developing capacity and the promotion of social development process in the government guidance society.The social crisis environment, adds the difficulties of the government effectiveness realization and legitimacy foundation consolidation on one hand, and promotes the public expectation and requirement to the government because of the disastrous crisis on the other hand. It becomes more challenging to the construction of government's image construction. If the government cannot deal with difficulties and obstruction in the abnormal state, realize the government-core comprehensive crisis management effectively, it will experience the image crisis by the lost of self-administrative effectiveness and legitimacy, at last the whole society will endanger the disastrous crisis with no development. But for the government's image, the crisis is not just the negative effects. Crisis state emphasizes the government's image. According to survey and introspection of image construction in crisis management, the Government may find a reasonable direction and destination for their own reform and development. Fine government image which is built up by this opportunity can be valid basic resources for the government crisis management which improve the efficiency of crisis management. Therefore, the relation between struggle and interaction becomes the reasonable expression of the relation of crisis management and government's image construction, which also forms the feasible basis of government's image construction research from the crisis management perspective.Since the recorded history, human society experienced various crisis impacts. The history of human civilization is also the history of response to the crisis challenges. Even the experiences of crisis response are increased and enriched, the capabilities of crisis avoidance are not strengthened, and the crisis cannot disappear in human society. Through the study of Chinese modern society crisis's state, characteristics and reasons, the crisis is not away from human, but occurs more frequently with its diversification to influence the relations between human and nature, as well as human and society, which brings critical impacts to the society. Crisis of social life that exist in a strong acute contradictions and conflicts revealed that if the Government can not, under strong pressure to respond quickly and effectively to a crisis state, it would cause great destruction to the society on the one hand, and on the other hand, the poor ruling condition will be exposed. Furthermore, a lot of crisis or conflict issues have a close relation with the government administration, and thus for the public in a crisis environment, it is difficult to give the government a strong recognition, support and fine image recognition. Therefore, compare to the normal environment, the construction of the government image faces more pressure from the crisis management perspective. The reasons are the differentiation of pluralist interest, the existence of multiple competitive participants, the appearance and promotion of public self-consciousness and the desire, which enhance the space rift of the social normal operation, and provide the unavoidable public crisis with conditions. The government's image also experiences difficulties in the particular background. The social disorder caused by crisis needs more requirements to the government's capability of social order supply. The unavoidable social minacity makes the foregrounding of public vulnerability, which enhances expectation and dependence of the government's crisis management effectiveness. The alienation of value influenced by crisis makes the necessity of government's social value responsibility under this background. The interest sensitiveness caused by crisis increases the social behavior of wealth pursuit, strengthens the public self-interest safeguard consciousness, which brings more pressure of social discourse and accountability to the government. It is easy for the spread of crisis in the international background, and then negatively influences the whole nation, so the government needs to reinforce the nation image responsibility. Therefore, effective crisis management becomes the necessity of the government's image construction.The mixture of many kinds of crisis makes our government recognize the significance of capability in resisting and resolving risks to the existence and development of the government. The government combines the characteristics of crisis and current crisis management mechanism framework, draws on the foreign experience and techniques, makes efforts to realize innovation and development of the traditional management pattern and form a responsible, brave and smart image under crisis state, builds up an integrative crisis management system to meet the requirement of social development. On the other hand, there are also some problems of government's image from the perspective of crisis management, which needs reform and perfection. The problems concern the reduction of government's legal binding force caused by the lack of relative laws, regulations and policies and executive hysteresis, the deficiency of public interest safeguard caused by crisis financial supply and lack of salvation, the deficiency of management effectiveness, government and civil servants' moral quality caused by unidealization and hysteresis of government crisis decision and management effect. The problems become the difficulties and obstructions for raising the government's capability of crisis management, and form the deficiency state of government's image construction. As for the analysis of the source of the existence factors, it is necessary to take into account of government subjective weakness as well as the special nature of the crisis objective environment. This involves government and civil servants weak sense of crisis, administrative and moral decline of a model, lack of effective public relations, crisis management mechanism reform and little motivation of innovation.The characteristics of crisis and the current complex background inflict the obstruction and difficulties to the process of government's image construction, in the same time both become the necessary premise and environment in rising the government's image. Therefore, the construction of government's image under crisis state needs to break obstructions, breach the exploration and study of strategies from macroscopic and concrete operation in arrangement, conscious value and behavior of function and system from microcosmic, and effectively realize the expected target. It means that the government's effective response and control to the social crisis are on the basis of effective realization of social communication. The government should be guided by a series of reasonable, legal and public interest value, satisfy the social organization and public needs, and realize the effective interaction between the government and the social public, which can promote the government's effectiveness and legitimacy, and the social positive ordered development. The government image is an organism of three elements which are government, social public and their interactions. Crisis management includes the value of crisis management, specific operational and crisis communications. The construction of government image from crisis management perspective is based on the combination of the two properties to adapt to the special situations of social crisis and the public demands for social development. The fact is used to define the cause, process and change of the crisis in order to relieve or repress the crisis development while the communication path in crisis is for coordinating people to reach mutual understanding, share each other's values and return to normal order and rules. The value path is for regulating the relations between organizations and stakeholders and guiding the invisible manipulation hand behind the crisis. In this process, the government should construct the positive value system, which emphasizes the responsibility, service and performance concepts in the process of crisis management, establish the modern crisis management system, which enhances crisis consciousness, ensure mechanism perfection, improve the system construction and maintain effective cooperation, and finally develop necessary government crisis public relation and advance the government's image communication, which are on the basis of promoting the crisis management effectiveness. The measures above are regarded as the inevitable solutions to bridge and repair the government's image, as well as realize the goal of a better image from the crisis management perspective.
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